Free Shipping GTA San Andreas Review

Free Shipping GTA San Andreas Review

The free event is one of the 100 missions in San Andreas. It is linked to three main characters. If you have played the game, then you know that the city of San Andreas is too big and it is divided developers in many places.

Some of the most important points of the city of Los Santos, countryside, Las Ventura, Los Angeles and the Pine Angel.

Ken Rosenberg, Salvatore and Carl Johnson are the three main characters.

Ken gives you a job called "The meat business." After this level you will receive a Ken call. Salvatore is one of the richest businessmen in GTA San Andreas. And Ken is a lawyer and works for Leone.

So if you want to try the free fall, then you have to stop the "meat industry". After that, visit the Caligula Palace.

In this palace, he arrived at the Caligula casino. And there you have to stay in a red cylindrical index free drop mission start of the game GTA San Andreas.

It initiates a scene of free fall. And what a visa you can see, Salvatore punishes two men committing a crime. Then a woman named Mary "enters the room. Maria brings something to eat in Salvatore.

Ken sits there, praised and Carl calls him "an army of people." The head of Caligula Casino listened to the talks. And as long as Ken Carl impresses the boss. The head is Johnson a task that is the goal of free fall.

There is a band called Koreli and this band is a rival of the Leone family. Corn sends a murderer to Leonow. But Leone smarter and says to kill Carl all these murderers.

As the free fall mission evolves, you must kill all the enemies and you have to fly a plane. After that you have the plane at the airport end up in the challenge to complete the free fall of GTA San Andreas.

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