Guide Fabrics the know-how?

All silk fabrics are considered the most expensive. The works can reflect regional cultures, such as silk "Kanjivarams" South or East Muga. Various other types of fabrics include cotton, crepe, georgette, faux rayon, viscose, soft tissue crushed Brasso and jacquard. Crepe is a kind of woven and knitted with a crumpled surface. Is the most advantage of a crepe that is light and weightless. Crepe gives a user a slimming effect. There is a dress fabric mainly used as a light wearing.

Georgette has a wrinkled and usually matte surface. Georgette is mild or does not require ironing. Plastic is generally a very low maintenance cost, where dry cleaning is not necessary, it is not woven or woven. Non-woven cloths are good for everyday use. It is durable fabric and can be washed at home. Non-woven fabrics are great working clothes. These breeds are resistant to bruising.

Rayon looks and feels smooth. It's a perfect night.

Viscose is actually a smaller version of the silk that brilliant. The viscose fabric can not be abraded. When decorated with various embroidery, proving to be worn as a good night.

Soft tissue is overwhelmingly a mixture of polyester. It is maintenance-free, where ironing is not necessary. Satin is generally a smooth fabric with Lycra and Stretch. Satin is shiny and is available in all dark and bright colors. Satin sarees are very popular for wardrobe brides. Resistant to stretching, shrinking and moths. They are luxurious fabrics with a deep shine and excellent draping quality.

The web is basically a brighter and brighter fabric with a rich look. With a metallic glow, knitted clothing is a perfect wear for the night. Brasso fabrics in which the designs are made by burning the web. Brasso fabrics are in a beautiful variety of colors, shapes and designs.

Its name from the inventor of jacquard fabric different subtypes, including Brocade, Damask, Matelasse, velvet, and so there are substances with standard woven colorful yarns and often embossed appearance or padding material.

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