How to Enjoy Your Unlimited Kindle Books on the Market?

Enjoy Your Unlimited Kindle Books on the Market via

If you make an experienced writer are cumulative sales and new readers, or you are only diving her toes in the huge self-publishing industry waters, the idea of ​​his books on Kindle Unlimited (KU) has no doubt lost your mind.

The real questions are, should not they?

Because let's face it, the most important goals of the report for their work are to earn and earn a living in this way.

What is Kindle Unlimited?

If you do not already know, the Unlimited Kindle service is offered on a pay-as-you-go basis by Amazon, Prime readers (and others) can access the entire inventory of KU access books for a small monthly subscription.

With less than $ 10 a month, it's easy to understand why the Kindle won Unlimited a reputation as books 'Netflix'!

But wait a minute ... $ 10 per month for unlimited access to all your books? Authors from all over the world scratch their heads and give a tip to subscribe to the Kindle Unlimited because you are not sure of their long-term benefits and potential drawbacks.

The advantages and disadvantages of using KU compared to a wider distribution using

There are more pros and cons with the use of KU accompanies other spread options or just do the opposite.


This increases its books to the extent - Amazon has at least fifty percent market share in the US and the UK when it comes to selling digital books. Your readers, tablets and best-selling Kindle apps as well as the amazing ecommerce platform from Amazon and the ability of the browser to make buyers what drives this phenomenon. The Bottom Line? Have your books on Amazon featuring the chances of increases found and read by many people.

Access to Ecommerce Amazon Tool - The Amazon Consumer Market team is masterpiece, and they are no different when buying digital books.

Through KU's program, you will have access to unique promotional tools such as their Kindle actions and promoting free books is to help raise your audience and start their new titles to success.

You will receive license fees on the part of you always read - Unlike the sale of traditional books in which a customer buys your book and you can get a one-time payment, the authors of the KU a small fee per per page received For each reading book.


Exclusive title of his book with KU - you can read this right. If you decide to promote a book with Kindle Unlimited, you can not promote this item elsewhere.

The title is linked within 90 days of KU Amazon, since you can renew its contract.

Low Dynamic Profits - If you are not a Unlimited program at the top percentile of publishing books for the Kindle, you should not expect to get heavy license examinations.

The vast majority of self-published authors found that the potential for capital gains is much higher on other platforms in terms of KU.The answer: yes and no, depending on the marketing strategy.

In order KU to sell more books

We have already mentioned that Amazon has the bulk of the digital book market but something you may not know is that your customers are not common readers in Kentucky.

The average person who is like the Kindle Unlimited logs for a subscription service is best described in one word: greedy!

Who enters every month an unlimited offer of books? Some examples are free samples at the wholesale club level, free software testing and free content for new subscribers provided distributes mailing lists.

It is so surprising that this strategy works extremely well for the sale of e-books as well, especially if you are down in the game and did not make any names among the readers.

If you see it is a real advantage for the Kindle Unlimited as a springboard for starting its self-publishing career. For if a reader of his books is, you want to be so excited and happy to go addicts who have no choice but to buy more titles if they want more. Presented himself write a book and once offered on the platform KU has the ability, according to your target group completely unknown to move in prominent position, literally overnight.

If you are already familiar and enjoy lucrative Kindle Unlimited book sales it is not a necessary element for the development of your readers (although it can not hurt).

Lindsay Buroker, a writer, a full-time income earned on their job, should use the Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing Kindle Unlimited and platforms anywhere from 85-90% of their income. On the other hand, other book titles of over seven alternative platforms carry the remaining share of 10-15%.

Risks to avoid more distribution

No matter what you feel about Amazon, it's the fact that he is the leading distributor of books around the world. Although it is a serious mistake, they can leave marketing plans and sales of self-published titles, all exclusivity can be just as problematic.

While Amazon loses most readers, you are millions of readers on other platforms like Apple, iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble and more.

For this reason, it is recommended not to use the distribution strategy and a unique offer. To Win Instead, KU focus on some of his best books to promote the show and new readers who can only offer Amazon and put the rest of your books for sale on any platform and in any form that generates sales and profits for their work.

While the Kindle for every writer is not unlimited a good fit, it is worth studying as part of a multi-strategy book marketing plan.

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