Mastectomy Functional Details Of The Chest

A nipple is a noble breast mastectomy removal process where the areola domain is left intact. The reason behind this is to save this place doing it again when the site was full. The patient has several choices how to fill the empty space left by the tissue. These tissues were removed to prevent the spread of cancerous growth, which often occurs in this area.


An advantage of nipple mastectomy is economical that in fact there are very few external changes that occur in the woman's chest. Once the patient has used the method to decide on the void of her chest, all the surgeon has to do is replace the flap created for the cloth and stitch it back with the original skin.

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Many women feel when faced with a disease that could get her chest at a loss. Later In addition to worries about their health, they are also concerned about their appearance.


There are certain aspects of mastectomy for nipple replacement, you need to know the patient. The surgeon can not agree on the procedure to have the suicide group likely to biopsy cancer. The process is useless and even dangerous in the end when the rest of it has residual disease that created the area.

The degree of the presence of the disease in the area may also complicate the process. It is likely that although the honeycomb complex can be stored and reused, it can not be provided even if the appearance is restored.

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The goal of this procedure is in fact the aesthetics and the patient should be reconstructed saving mammary gland nipple or restoring breast function in relation to breastfeeding is not expected.

A DIEP procedure can help to meet the needs of this business, meaning that some tissue, blood vessels and abdominal fat will be transferred to the parts of the breast they need. This is a very common phenomenon to combine the two functions to achieve the patient's desire seems normal, even after the removal of the breast. The surgeon can give details about it.

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