Modern autonomy Rover Sport Supercharged

Modern autonomy Rover Sport Supercharged via

Driving a 4x4 Range Rover ~ Those who know have an incredible driving experience to take over the wheel. The first impression in this package is the huge size of the car. The Range Rover dominated the road and the high driving position allows you literally the other drivers from.

The second thing to attract attention is the high level of specifications. The new Range Rover is now far from rearing their ancestors since the 1970s and comes with all the electrical appliances and amenities you would expect from a top luxury lounge such as Sat Nav, cruise control, computer trip, and even massage seats. Also, if you want to play something you need to do this in a button with power seats, mirrors, suspension and heat settings.

The specification extends what you can not see with full adhesion testing of ten airbags, including side airbags, ABS and immobilizer.

Once installed behind the steering wheel and drive the engine, then it should be achieved by the absolute power at your disposal. The compressor-liter engine 4.2 produces a PS 390 solid and is ready to start from the state in less than seven seconds to 60 mph. When the opportunity on a highway or one day the route is created, it will surprise you, reaches the top speed of 147 mph.

It's on the highway can be the best to be found when the Range Rover driving the sport. The beautiful 4.2-liter engine devours the miles with a little effort, while all passengers keep them in luxury, the landscape changes sit. The engine response is great and it leaves you no doubt that you have the power to work, despite the size of the Range Rover. All parking sensors on the street when transporting in narrow spaces help.


No, the Range Rover has been engraved not only on granite, it began life in 1970 as a luxurious version of the legendary Land Rover and marketed as "a car for every raisons". From there, Range Rover has become a symbol in itself and has gone from strength to strength.

Why do you drive a 4x4?

The practicality of 4x4 in a city or city can be difficult. Its size is also driving in urban areas for storage can be tricky means, so that they hire for the weekend a viable option. It's easy to raise the kids in and out of the back of a 4x4 and the size of the boot is this supermarket travel allowed much easier.


The Range Rover Sport has many competitors, but it's not the same. The BMW X6, the Porsche Cayenne and the Audi A7 battle the Range Rover Sport with a market share of 4x4 luxury and all have their value. But none of them can offer the legacy of Range Rover Sport and BMW and Audi, in particular, often to change the design, none of them have the stability of the Range Rover market. The popularity of the Range Rover is proof of their endurance and timeless appearance and will remain so long after the X6, Cayenne pepper and A7 was anchored in the history books.

The driving experience

The Range Rover is more than just a luxurious 4x4.

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