Nursing Schools in Hawaii ideal destination for a License of Education and Nursing

If your goal is a career in nursing has earned better work income surrounded by natural beauty, then Hawaii can achieve his dream because nurses receive attractive wages in the state, higher than most US states. Hawaii is also full of wonders of nature and incredible views, white sand beaches, warm tropical climate, active volcanoes, endemic flora and fauna, attractive gorge waves and towering rocks, sea caves and incredible springs. The state also provides enormous employment opportunities and higher wages for licensed nurses. Even Hawaii comes the state's population over 65 years and faster in the country. The state of health of the elderly is also one of the vital reasons for the growing demand for care in the state.

Hawaii is also among the top five countries paying better wages for nurses. The reasons for the best wages include the higher cost of living and higher demand for nurses. According to the US state's Wikipedia list of income, July 11, 2014, the state of Hawaii is one of the ten US states with the highest average household income. The Office of Labor Statistics reported in 2013 that the employment situation for 10,300 REN numbers provides, and their average hourly wage is US $ 41.32, the average hourly wage is calculated - US $ 41.05 and the average annual salary - US $ 85.380.

But to work as a nurse in the state, a nurse or a licensed nurse practitioner must be a Hawaiian licensed to have professional care. REN numbers do not provide care services or care duties to licensed nursing practitioners, nursing assistants and other assistant nurse assistants if they are licensed. The process involves winning a registration license in approved RN programs, successfully completing the program, licensing the National Council for Register Nurse (NCLEX-RN) and passing the exam. Candidates who receive a license successfully passed the test and carry out the duties of a license and a representative.

RN Hawaii programs

Currently, there are 6 and 4 undergraduate postgraduate programs in Hawaii, the skills and knowledge of nursing to nurses for competent care services can offer. These programs provide training and extensive clinical training in service facilities. The programs should be recognized by the Hawaii Board of Nursing Board and accredited by the Certification Bodies. At the same time, warnings about these programs work to correct their inconsistencies, but if the deficiencies are not corrected within the set time, programs may lose the approval of the Board.

The proportion of students with teachers for a nurse and a practical nursing program should be eight and clinical education, the ratio should be no more than ten in a cross. The curriculum of the program should be approved by the Council approved by the National Accreditation Service. The curriculum consists of general and nursing classes and has 120 semester semesters for students, including quarent├ęsimos practical experience in the laboratory and clinic. Successful completion of undergraduate programs or a relevant degree degree program allows them to take part in the NCLEX-RN exam, driving licensing.


In Hawaii, students can apply for financial support from the state, federal and private donors, consisting of loans, scholarships. Poor students can also receive financial assistance if they are in financial need.

If you are wishing to practice nursing in a beautiful natural environment and earn higher salaries, you can complete your education at RN Hawaii because the state offers a nice salary RN, higher than in many states.

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