Some important Homeopathic Medicines Developed To Deal With Acne Cases

Acne vulgaris is perhaps one of the most fearsome problems many people face.

Causative factors of acne

Excessive secretion of sebaceous glands is considered the main cause behind acne vulgaris, mainly affecting young people. Although the secretion of oil is a major cause of excessive oil discharge is dragged into certain diseases such as acromagaly, Parkinson's disease, etc., it does not cause acne.

Therefore, it is believed that androgens testicles, ovaries and adrenal glands are to increase oil production in the skin. Therefore, the peak period of acne is teen stress when these hormone levels undergo many changes. The oil when clogging the pores of the skin can cause some or cause other infections leading to acne.

However, acne is a family trait. There is no doubt that homeopathy has to offer many patients with acne because the factors that can be altered, which can be effective only with homeopathic medications applied to patients homeopathic acne treatment.

Clinical features of acne

As with any acne skin problem it can be characterized as mild, moderate and severe. Rash or lesions may be confined to the face, shoulders, upper chest, back, buttocks, etc. Oily skin may be declared. Pimples, presentation possibility in agreement. In some, acne can be very difficult with abscess and bladder formation with heavy scars. The lesions may be blurred, papular rash or many patients.

Suppressing acne with strong chemicals

Most patients with acne vulgaris are young children when they look for adolescents entering their best. Just what your skin needs is a gentler acne treatment to end with gentle homeopathic remedies, according to their constitution.

Homeopathic treatment of acne

After homeopathy, topical application is for the treatment of a severe NO acne or other skin rashes. One of the most important things to remember when dealing with acne patients "Enter the most importance for the subjective symptoms of the target, and rarely go wrong in the treatment of acne"

Here is a list of some important homeopathic medicines developed to deal with acne cases:

(1) Asterias Rubens

- He is considered one of the leading Duke to treat acne
- Thunder acne
- Skin appears less elastic
- rash of acne with a foul
- Acne Rosacea
- Acne affects the back, shoulders, nose sides, chin
- The patient is left with the lymphatic Constitution
- Liver predisposition
- Sexual stimulation in both sexes
- The fear of bad news in adolescents
- the worst left coffee

(2) Belladonna

- Red facial skin
- Scarlet-as-Acne
- Spreading Sudden acne lesions
- Redness and various dizziness of the skin
- blistering on the skin
- The skin is pale red, but burns
- Acne causes swelling of the glands in the neck, chin
- Blue-red acne lesions
- Bright red flares

(3) Dulcamara

- One of the most underestimated remedies for acne
- Liquid explosions on the face
- Lesions of acne pica, worse in cold and wet
- Bubble bursts
- Small Fertilhas that are evenly distributed across the face, forehead
- May be associated with warty rashes in the hands and face
- Acne worse in menstruation
- Mucosal diseases often accompany
- Worse than cold anyway, better for warmth

(4) Welded Merc

- Syphilis Acne
- Grounded person, swollen and dirty
- Acne Flycatone
- Persistently sweating the skin
- A large part surrounded by many small pimples blackheads

- itch eruptions worse than the warmth of the bed
- explosions in private places, buttocks
- skin and mucous membrane is also affected
- Yellowish brown or greenish acne pustular powder, may be stained with anticoagulants
- extremely malodorous sedation
- worst extreme temperatures, night, humidity, sweat

(5) Grafites

- The sense of spider web on the face is one of the most characteristic elements of the chart
- Pimples itch
- bowel constipation is frequent monitoring
- hard skin of face diamonds
- Persistent dry skin
- Acne drips a sticky secretion
- pimply explosions behind the ears
- To flake unhealthy skin with a tendency

- redness of the face
- Acne burning with reflection sticky discharge
- Worse heat, during and after menstruation
- Better in the dark room

(6) Bovista

- acne in the sensitive girl
- Basic rash around the mouth and nose
- Acne excessive use of cosmetics
- See swollen cheek

- Leave delicate skin with tension deeply impressed with dull instruments
- itch blasts
- You may have an attacking hives or the tendency to recurrent hives
- Pimples that cover the whole body
- The most acne worse in the summer

(7) Bromo-Radium

- Rosacea with red rash
- Small rash, burning, redness and swelling
- excessive itching with the skin burning like a fire
- Painful pimples
- signs of acne with this for a long time to heal
- can be associated with dermatitis itching in the skin and / or nail changes
- Acne looks worse in the morning after getting up
- Better in the open and warm bath

(8) Abnormal

- Painful acne in wound skin pain
- red face sunk with a feeling of heat on the lips
- Pizza burned itch
- Acne can occur in crops; A cure and a new explosion approach
- acne is caused by symmetry in the distribution in
- Eyes blue skin with a tendency to form boils
- worse than hard wine

(9) Bromo-Kali

- pimples on the face, chest, shoulders, etc.
- rashes pustulentas
- Anesthetic sensation in the face and mucous membranes
- excessive sexual desire in women suffering from acne during menstruation
- Extremely irritated hands are the main characteristics of the drug
- Ohrid dreams and gritting of teeth during sleep is often the result
- Worse heat

(10) Calcium sulph

- Trendy purple skin
- yellow irregular blisters with excess mucus
- pimples of the face
- Unhealthy skin with yellow crusts
- Many small pimples under the hair that bleed when scratched
- acne purulent secretion
- Acne lesions that do not heal quickly
- pimples bleed around the ears with the scratch tendency

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