Success with Cancer Cure the cause and not just the effect of the Cure

Success with Cancer Cure the cause and not just the effect of the Cure via

First, cancer is an immune system disease that does not work because it does not control the cancer cells when they appear in the body. Your immune system should identify desonestradas cells and remove them, but it does not work properly due to the modern way we live by many factors. This includes a diet of highly processed foods, including snack foods, chemicals that find their way into our bodies from the products we use and manage our sedentary lifestyle now.

Second, throughout the development of cancer in the body is just a symptom and not the main problem, so to remove this symptom, not deal with the issue or why these increases occurred. If you have not made any major lifestyle changes, the cancer will only grow again in another part of the body because you do not remove the reasons why it first grew up.

Thirdly, all cancers are a disease of the entire body and development itself is just the symptom. Defining the symptom is an indication that something is wrong, correct it, it should approach the whole body and not just the symptom.

Doctors treat cancer, as if it were an ungeradee cell group to be removed independently of damage to the human body. So, we only deal with three ways in the problem and cut off with surgery, burn them with radiation or with a poison, in the form of chemotherapy to try to remove it. There is only one way to successfully deal with cancer diagnosed and examining why it grew up and removed it. With cancer, it is to allow the body to heal itself. True treatment: changes in the way we live and, therefore, solve the problem, but unfortunately no one can take advantage of it, and therefore should not offer. If you are serious about your cancer, it means a change in the overall lifestyle forever. We have too much weight on the outside of the body and how we see it, but with cancer, it is time to deal with the inside of the body, because that's the problem. Everyone has an immune system built into our repair system and the only way to successfully overcome any cancer, no matter how advanced, is through this system.

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