Taco Bell diet is the worst?

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Taco Bell diet is the worst? ~ Despite the recent criticism Taco Bell diet is not the worst in the fast food industry. Remember that still a long way to go to be a "healthy choice" is considered, but Taco Bell now has some healthy choices in the menu and is fairly better than some of its competitors in overall nutritional value.

McDonald's, for example, has just released a new fried McChicken sandwich, which contains more calories and fat than most of the double cheeseburger (even more so than the Pounder district). Jack-in-the-Box is another culprit. They recently created what they call "The Ultimate Cheeseburger." This giant has the equivalent of over 15 teaspoons of pure fat!

The new Fiesta Salad Taco Bell is a surprisingly poor competitor for the fast food item of the Healthiest Year. Because, imagine a salad, only a few people know it has more calories and fat than a Big Mac actually. Amazing (and sad) but true; The more fat and heavier food available in the Taco Bell is now a salad. Also, the sodium content (1.662 mg) is the highest of the Taco Bell menu!

So, Taco Bell is healthier than other fast food chains? Absolutely not. The truth is that all these leaders have a long way to go from fatty foods. There is increasing pressure from advocates of consumers and we are still talking about bans from the government imposed on saturated fats, found in many fast food meals as prominent physiognomy.

So the pressure is definitely for Taco Bell and its competitors. So far, the fast-food industry has healed their drag on every step of the way. They resisted the recommendations of consumer groups, even the government's instructions. Do you really have a "ban" certain foods to finally attract the attention of McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell and all other national fast food chains?

Like all other great players has a long way to go Taco Bell diet, and increasing pressure; Only time will show if it can deter government measures to regulate their industry.

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