The Allstate Accident shows what's wrong with the car's safety?

What's wrong with the car's safety? ~ Recent advertisements for car insurance offer blatant examples of what's wrong with car insurance in this country and how it runs the dangerous driving epidemic in the United States.

One of the screens is Allstate's new "forgiving accident" program, which is now available in 21 states. Allstate hopes that this project for parents of teenage drivers is particularly attractive, as well as for adults with accident problems.

As with all sold in US car insurance, the 'forgiveness accident' plan provides full coverage of Allstate in an accident to do regardless of the insured if it fails. An accident could be caused by an adult or adolescent driver who drove 25 miles / hour above the speed limit, talking about a mobile phone, a laptop computer, passing through red lights operating inside and outside the weaving of the traffic or Any combination of their behavior and should be covered just like a real accident.

Promise in exchange for an end, someone to buy a new car and pay all legal costs, as well as responsibility for the limits of your policy if you hit your car, while in deliberate or negligent behavior intervention against the law will it must be.

As a result, auto insurance plays an important role in promoting and lethal driving in America for promotion.

Insurance Farmer recently unveiled a screen with a 1991 movie scene, "Green Fried Tomatoes", repeated character of Kathy Bates and deliberately forwarding your car to a parked car, the young two first after saying "I am an older person and I have More insurance."

This ad has been shown to be orientated during the news channel, History Channel and Showtime, as well as other movie programs.

Co-operation believes that in order to continue to protect the car's safety of the real cost of road accidents during dangerous drivers, they will have little incentive to change their behavior.

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