The benefits of about Agriculture

Agriculture includes the cultivation of plants such as fruit and vegetables and animal feed for production for public use. Without agriculture, our existence as human beings and cattle could be threatened. If farming anyone in a small farm or a large farm in the practice of agriculture offers many benefits to society.


Another advantage of agriculture is the fact that food supplies both at local and international level. Do not produce plants and animals from agriculture, the food supply of the world would be extremely unreliable and limited. Most people will live nomadic lives while constantly looking for food. By providing fruit, vegetables and animal products, processing and production of food businesses are able to produce, are maintained even if the agricultural production is low consumption. The released oxygen is then used in humans and animals for breathing. During the photosynthesis process, plants while oxygen is released absorb carbon dioxide into the air. Agricultural crops and other plants, so return to reduce this process in the air for carbon dioxide.

Reducing soil erosion and flooding:

Cultivation of pasture and forage crops, such as sweet vineyards, for both human and animal consumption, plays an important role in reducing floods and erosion. With agriculture, such as the growth of trees, it reduces the occurrence of floods in times of heavy rainfall and storms.

Public health:

Agriculture provides people with fruits, vegetables; Meat and dairy products are rich in the essential nutrients needed by the body, as well as antioxidants, which increase the body's resistance to certain diseases caused by the lack of these nutrients. Animals created under natural conditions such as grazing and open land supply.

Community support:

With readily available agricultural products, it offers fresh products for people living around the farming or work area. The low-cost product Money earned from agriculture is refilling and the other is invested in other sectors that drive the economy growing.

Biofuel production:

Since the reserves of fossil fuels are depleted and dry and also because of concerns about pollution, agriculture is an alternative clean fuel coming from plants to provide such as corn and jatropha.

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