The many functions of the Kindle e-reader

The many functions of the Kindle e-reader via

The many functions of the Kindle e-reader ~ The new Kindle base is a great market at cost price (about $ 79), taking into account all the features contained in it. And what exactly are some of the Kindle features?

First, the compact and lightweight design, this device is easy to maintain. It looks like it fits better in your hands than previous Kindle devices.

Next is the E-Ink screen. The screen is also legally eliminated the extra keys. The 5-way controller allows you to navigate the screen for various functions, such as a search word or text. If you have not done a great research on your Kindle, allowing the lack of foreign keys a very enjoyable reading experience. The Kindle e-reader design makes it easy to read on both sides to read the page by turning the buttons to make it easier for the two-hand side. The sides are also much faster thanks to the powerful processor.

The ability to store 1,400 books to close offers more than enough space for your electronic library. There is also an automatic backup of all items in your library through the cloud. You should never worry about losing one of his books. You can easily make the new wireless download for free at any time.

The Kindle Wi-Fi feature is convenient for all Wi-Fi access points to download. Given the increase in the price of printed books, the price spent on a new Kindle market should be recovered quickly in the first book markets.

The membership feature allows you to borrow thousands of books for free.

There are some negative aspects, such as mute, keyboard, lack of available covers and the possible transfer of some games from the previous devices. The Kindle, however, still makes a fantastic electronic reading device, which is obviously the main target.

Considering the many features of the new Kindle Basic and Low Price, the reader is a wonderful addition to the life bookworm.

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