The Procedure for Removal of Skin Mastectomy know-how?

Methods of saving skin mastectomy involve removal of the entire breast without removal to the chest, to the skin. Breast tissue, nipple and halo are all removed. If necessary, another incision is made under the patient's arm. The procedure is generally carried out simultaneously with the removal of the breast and breast reconstruction procedures.

The procedure may usually last up to six hours, but the duration of the procedure depends on the conditions of the procedure and the type of breast reconstruction. The patient usually stays in the hospital for one or two nights after remedial procedures.

A skin-saving mastectomy offers the patient aesthetically pleasing effect, but these methods are often more painful than the simple octectomy or mastectomy procedure. Patients who receive regular painkillers after surgery. This procedure protects the chest skin, except the areola and nipple, which can be rebuilt by plastic surgeons. There are several surgical options for mastectomy skin procedures for protection, including the TRAM flap process and you are throwing a wide process. TRAM flap (transverse rectal abdomen) used to create her chest again tissue from the abdominal muscles. This method uses natural substances from his body and is therefore a natural choice. The effects of this energy produce the most natural breasts. This procedure requires surgery and downtime is a bit more than other methods. Flap Latissmus The procedure involves placing an implant, muscle tissue and patient's skin withdrawn from the patient's chest for reconstruction. This function produces much less scarring than the TRAM flap process, but surgery is usually leaving a scar on the back of the patient. Deciding to get mastectomy procedures of the skin can maintain quite complicated process physically and emotionally.

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