The Promising New Features Introduced To The Android Nougat

Although for the time being Google pixel and Nexus phones, the latest Android pastel has a number of improvements to the current version 7.1.1. It allows a lot with their smart phones and the many functions that are running, Android developers to create modern and innovative mobile applications.

Here are some of the features that make the best Android Mantotos in terms of ease of use and productivity:

The promising new features introduced to the Android nougat via

3D touch type

This feature was initially only on one pixel phones. But the update 7.1.1 of Android is now running these chapters are available for all mobile phones with the Android operating system. This allows quick access to some application features.

Split-screen applications

Now you can run two apps next to one screen. There is a choice of recent applications to allow multitasking. You can also draw an image or text from an application and drop it into another.

Press twice to toggle between applications

You can simply switch to the multitasking button or the last applications app button right away.

Storage of data

Smartphone applications are still sometimes sending and receiving data, even when in the background. With the latest version of Android gadget, you can simply turn on data saving mode and specify which application items can access the background.

Control alarm

To stop notifications from a particular application, you no longer have to consider applying the individual settings.


Emoji is part of no conversation. The number of Emoji increased, resulting in a variety of professions and expressions. You can also instantly send animated GIF images from the on-screen keyboard, while applications such as Google Messenger Hangout are supported.
Google has confirmed that currently only 0.4% of smartphones run this update today - globally. This will change significantly and mobile phones will have this updated information.
The Android mantle has promising new resources that can be used effectively by application developers to create applications that comply with the latest and greatest trends in the mobile sector.

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