The Story behind the Successful Honda Civic Si

Honda has created a reputation for good quality cars for decades. One of these vehicles is the Honda Civic Si. A long way from its original creation and remains one of the most popular models in the market to be.

Hot Hatch

The Honda Si with a car "hot hatch" because of its hatchback style. A hatchback is defined as a "tilt angle backwards with a tailgate that opens" as it is. Rear doors are similar to its design. Another popular "hot hatch" is the Volkswagen Golf GTI. The first Volkswagen Golf was introduced in 1976 in the market and leased competition until Si to take a decade later.

Civic Si birth

The purchase of the car has in this classic Honda 1985 Si is an acronym introduced, meaning "injectable to the sport." Si was thought to be a 1.5-liter Honda Civic seen a very necessary boost. Honda apparently made a statement with Civic Si and many people got up and got the alert. They also come with a new sub-brand called Civic Si CRX, which was considered the most sporty model for that day.

Evolution of Civic Si

In the late 1980s, due to the Honda Civic Si's great success, Honda led to a rethinking of its model range. Civic Si is refurbished to increase its ability to 108 and give 100 pounds -ft. Torch. Honda announced with great success with this new model and the 1992 Pre-Growth renewed the Civic Si to give more curves. This form of Civic Si was now round and elegant.

Today's Honda Civic Si Day

Like all cars, Honda Classic has undergone a number of changes. It went EG Civic Si 16 B-1999 Hatch driven, which was sold in coupe form. In 2002, it was refurbished with its distinctive hatchback style of believing that they lead to some that were like a mini van. Today, the car has returned to the coupe style and is better than ever. The 2012 Model has a 2.4-liter engine with 201 hp and 170 lb-ft of torque ... It's a five-passenger car with 17-inch alloy wheels.

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