Update was released for Android Wear Devices

Update was released for Android Wear Devices

If the fine grade is not enough, what we are discussing is the ultimate accessory for the "smart" technology that makes smart clocks their way, we have loved. Remember watches Casio started a series of life clocks, speakers, the user may have come the time to press a button a few years ago.

Does this fit into the category of "smart watch"? Fortunately no. Perhaps if these watches could send texts, make calls, read e-mails, monitor our health or even count could be considered our steps in the group.

Update was released for Android Wear Devices via www.gottabemobile.com

As we all know, and perhaps have a practical experience, the Android platform is our world wrapped modern game slowly consuming. The latest addition to the seemingly endless list is the Android TV (but for a different day).

If Google was not satisfied with just infecting phones with their magic, they turned to watch some of the best devices that are being created that we will probably see the world for years; Smart watches.

Fix the Android Wear appeal for obvious reasons, smart watches began to emerge through several major brands of smart phones around the world. Now available update for Android wearing these watches a reform like never before.

At first, when the audience was presented, Google does not want to scare a complicated buyers environment that is running pretty boring and boring watches, but as the demand for futuristic and devices has grown, the idea of ​​developers.

The last update has now seen three faces: pieces together and Under Armor. "Together," the time display changes to the personal training of your board where you can share pictures, sketches and Emojis.

It allows the user to create training for the exercise and calculates the distance traveled, the number of steps taken and the calories burned while participating in these activities. The best smart Android watch watches at the moment are LG Urbane, Moto 360 and Samsung Gear 2 in a specific series.

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