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Virtual Architecture Sydney Opera House Reviews

The Sydney Opera House is one of the finest and most technically advanced of all the iconic architectures in world history. A Danish architect Jørn Utzon is responsible for this wonderful beauty. It is essentially a multi-local Performance Arts Center at Bennelong Point in Sydney, Australia.

On 28 June 2007, the Sydney Opera House was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This refers to the latest architecture as a World Heritage Site.
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The Sydney Opera House is equipped with a number of specific radius shells containing the most recent exponential building equidistant part of the hemisphere so as to realize the structure of all the roofs on the memorial podium. Most of the building covers 45 acres of land 605 meters long and 388 meters wide.

In the late 1940s, the preparation of the construction of Sydney Opera at the time of the director of the reputed company started (NSW State Conservatory of Music) pushed for a suitable venue for the great theatrical productions. Today's Sydney City Council was not big enough for this production.

In 1954, Goossens (NSW Premier Joseph Cahill) who really calls for works for Opera Garnier sat down for his previous support. Since the location of the opera passed Bennelong point Goossens. But Wynyard Station was the demand for Cahill as an area of ​​the Opera House.

September 13, 1955 Cahill proclaimed design competition and architecture 233 entries from various countries represented received. The main problem was explained with 3000 seats in a large room and another small room, which can be easier for up to 1200 people.

To supervise the work he visited the Danish architect Sydney in 1957. Finally, he moved his office to Sydney in 1963 for this purpose from the opera.

The squatting organization Fort Macquarie Depot Group was founded in 1958 and was destroyed in March, 1959 began the construction of the opening of the opera. The whole project was divided into phases.

Between 1963 and 1967 he built the upper column of the building as the first phase of the project. Phase II consisted of making outer shells between 1963 and 1967. After a long wait, in 1973, the official ending announced the opera. Phase II, about $ 12.5 million. Phase III, about $ 82 million.

Previously, the cost was estimated at $ 7,000,000, but the project was finally completed about 10 years later, with the US $ 102 million, which was 14 times the estimated budget in 1957.

People dreaming to officially open October 20, 1973, when Queen Elizabeth II of Australia and the opera with a great deal of common truth. Surprisingly, Jørn Utzon, the chief architect had not been invited, nor was his name announced at the ceremony.

The Sydney Trust Opera, along with REM Theater, invited Konstantinos Koukias an icon in 1993 to compose as the 20th anniversary of the Sydney Opera House.

The Sydney Opera House Trust in the late 1990s began with Jørn Utzon to communicate reconciliation and ensure their future opportunities to join the building to lead. Confidence in being appointed design consultant in 1999 Utzon was renamed "The Utzon Room" showed him in 2004.

A great information tribute eventually was proposed in 2007 by Utzon in April, Mr. Utzon died on November 29, 2008, his son Utzon, Jan and daughter Of Lin, took the celebration of the creative genius of the celebration.

The Opera was officially inaugurated on November 17, 2009 for renovations and improvements to the western foyer accessibility.

Designed by Utzon and his son Jan, in collaboration with Richard Johnson of Johnson Pilton Walker pulled the development of the western foyer for a stylish and useful space to create additional facilities including closures, new passages, toilets, etc.

In the eastern group, the opera is there and in the western group correlating the location of the concert hall. The restaurant is the place for the unique face of the Parliament House. It is made of concrete from the roof of the Opera House.

Not only are the tiles, all the materials used, such as glasses, facades and rooms of the room with a Tarana granite ball decorated. Australian Woods offset transported out of the brush box and the South Wales Wauchope was for interior decoration.

With a capacity of 2.678, the Concert Hall, Sydney Symphony House and the large crowd in the presenter concert is used. It has the Grand Opera House of Sydney.

With 1507 seats is the forefront theater opera house in Sydney, the Australian ballet and the opera of Australia. Theater of Drama is best known as the Sydney Theater Company and sometimes other theaters used by moderators.

The capacity of the theater, which is a theater in the final stage 398. The studio with very free space to depend up to 4,000 people from the orientation. There is another room for special purposes and can accommodate up to 210 people, as is known in the Utzon room.

Sydney Opera meets all the requirements of social functions, celebrations and major conferences. It is home to cafes, bars and restaurants, recording studios and retail outlets.

People come to this place of departure early in the morning to visit. Sydney Trust Sydney Opera is the first opening of the Sydney Opera House and is granted by the New South Wales Art Ministry.

As the art center of the busiest entertainment world, the Sydney Opera House makes over 1,500 performances a year, which is considered by nearly 1.2 million people.

Promotes and supports many theater and arts companies, including Sydney Symphony neighborhood, Opera Australia, Sydney Theater Company and The Australian Ballet.

More than 800 presentations are home alone, each year, the Sydney Opera House, arts activities and cultural education purposes for experimental purposes.

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