What Animation As A Form Of Media?

Animation As A Form Of Media

Animation can be used to update, educate, promote and express feelings, and live action using the same techniques; As the use of color, cinema and sound. Russell Brooke's NSPCC announcement on TV is a good example of how animation can be more effective than live action.

The animated character is created in a way that portrays the child in a way that conveys the message. This example shows how an animation tools are really valuable, not just a form of media is to entertain young children.

Fisticuffs in live action mode are more violent than race on cartoons because they are real people who are injured while the animated characters do not let anything feel, the fight seems less realistic than a series of live action.


This form was chosen so that children remember how to sing the road safely to cross include hedgehog - which would not be possible in real life through a lively form of action. The screen offers an interesting and unforgettable alternative for banal lifestyle, forgotten.

The product is not only to play cards; There are fixed tableware, handbags, toys, clothes, books, posters and video games. Previously, animation has a distorted approach directed exclusively at a young audience.
Since it was a new idea, they are interested in people of all ages. The ubiquitous presence of form over the years now that people are at one point in the appearance of their life fun, only animations stop watching as they get older, so when they have children, the process of imaging starts again.
There were some adults who have created an interest in specific titles and cartoons in a particular target group for adult directors, these are the "series, some titles, mango" 2DTV, "South Park" Comedy Central, Simpsons' Futurama and Japanese 'Kota-tai'.
For a child, what is possible, and the same applies to animation, "is to teach children by mistake the artistic side of animation, the animated figure also being able to say John Serpentelli:" When motion is a form of art that can involve almost any other form of art and children can direct the world of art so unfiltered.
In video games, the character of the game player controls brought to life with cartoons. The character would be dead if he was not excited and therefore the use of animation is vital.
Embedding Animation is not all, as the FMV (full motion video) is also used in a video game, a story to tell. This is a good example of how animation can make it impossible; Giving life to inanimate objects and characters.Animation is an invaluable tool for all types of media if it is impossible to make it possible.
For example, there are no limits to action or comedy in a cartoon movie, and animation provides these additional effects to live action, results that would not be safe, or rebuild due to human factor constraints. The special effects incorporate animation techniques into the tapes used in the fields.
The use of 3D stop-motion in a live action movie did not stay behind, though for technologically advanced effects offered by computer graphics. Motion can have a unique effect on operator objects, you can activate inanimate objects, usually harmless, dark creatures in the claims.
In today's world, it is becoming increasingly clear how popular and widely used animation has been. The production of a feature or series of cartoons is that an action or series of live action takes place in an almost identical process. The story then requires and the storyboard is a live-action feature. Characters are extremely important for both forms.
Once a live action has real life and famous actors will start to win the audience, the move will benefit from this element but because the animated characteristics of the computer generated characters rather than actors participate in real life it is so important to give them Character personality to convince the public that a computer character can have the same effect on himself as a real star.
An excerpt from" The Book Cinema 2nd Edition ". This underlines the fact that live action and animation in the same way to create, but the only difference is the way they are expressed, living action has developed as a live action and animation as a means in the first place, but Both forms consist of many images to create a sense of movement within the piece.
"Once the motion creates motion where the movement was never" real "in the Cinematic scene." An alternative use of cartoons, when something is impossible for a human actor, for example, in the movie, the mask is made to do "from cartoons.

It is only recently that the cross movie became popular. Since then, movies such as "Who trapped Roger Rabbit, Space Jam, und'Rocky and Bullwinkle, verwendet to this successful sexual intersection.
The purest form of this technique is the "direct tape", where the moving image is produced on film reels, and in particular, a medium is created in a different medium. Progress in computer technology has advanced animation that allows films and frighteningly realistic effects of the film.
Paul Wells presents in an article "Art and Entertainment", "live action and" animation "converge again in a way that they have not distinguished and served a new orthodoxy in" realism "in many films wie, Jurassic Park'und" Twister ".
"As the genre is more popular and more widespread than Disney's is recognized by a widely-known Stephen Spielberg term for the production of great live action movies, Disney has made great animated features, and Warner Brothers, Hanna-Barbera and recently Matt Grening.
Vehicles were created to make them look like real life and the game uses real actors that look like real counterparts of their lives. The actors were recorded and the scenarios recorded, the same process as animated film. The game shows how animation in their technological limit can be pushed so animation proves can be real or as little as real as it should.

The game features this element of realism that the actors had roles in reality on popular television programs, such as Joe Rice, played by police at "The Getaway" recently on, EastEnders', shows that live action and cross animation is done More and more popular.

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