What Comparison of the Amazon Kindle 2 Vs Sony Reader PRS-700?

Comparison of the Amazon Kindle 2 Vs Sony Reader PRS-700

The Amazon Kindle 2 and the Sony Reader PRS-700 are going to be purchased for the past 12 months, two of the most popular eBook readers that bring joy to read it to an entirely new level.

For those who have e-book readers are new and interested in a Anyway, here's a comparison of the Amazon Kindle 2 vs. Sony Reader and how they match each other.

The Amazon Kindle 2 currently has a price of $ 359, while Sony Reader is currently connected to US $ 399 by making the Kindle 2 cheaper by $ 40.

RANKING: Amazon Kindle 2

Size and weight

The size and weight of these devices do not offer a clear advantage to the other. The Sony Reader PRS-700 weighs about 10 ounces, the Kindle 2 just above.

The Sony Reader is a bit bigger and thicker, while the Kindle is a few more inches. The Amazon Kindle in 2009, but now reinforced with 16 shades of gray while the Sony Reader is a gray scale of 8 levels.

RANKING: Amazon Kindle 2

Wireless Features

Here is a category that is clearly transferred to the Sony Reader by the Kindle. The Amazon Kindle 2nd Generation makes use of Whispernet technology, free wireless coverage in the US from a high-speed 3G network from Sprint offers.

Kindle users can access over 240,000 titles of books, magazines, newspapers and even blogs. By choosing the selected bookmark content and pays, the book or magazine is always downloaded the Kindle anywhere within minutes!

RANKING: Amazon Kindle 2

Supported forms

Both eBook readers support most formats used as TXT, MP3, JPEG, GIF, PNG and BMP, and some formats unique to each device. However, Sony Reader supports PDF files, while the Kindle 2 does not - not immediately, anyway.

PDF files still need to be sent to Kindle support for Kindle for conversion, and Amazon has announced that for Kindle "some complex PDF files could not be formatted properly".

RANKING: Sony Reader 700


In this capacity, Sony Reader takes the clear advantage. True, the Amazon Kindle 2 2G internal memory, of which 1.4 g of available content and can hold up to 1,500 books, but no longer supports external memory cards.

Although the internal memory of 256 MB of Sony Reader peanuts compared to the Kindle seems to be the main advantage is Sony's ability to support external 16G memory.

RANKING: Sony Reader PRS-700

Battery life and charging time

The two eBook readers have the same capability when it comes to battery life. In a fully charged Kindle 2 or Sony Reader instantly two weeks can be read without reloading.


The 2009 Bottom Line Compared to the Amazon Kindle 2 vs Sony eBook Reader:

Although it's not a complete contact with the Kindle over Sony Reader is near! The Amazon Kindle 2 remains under the best e-reader. The price, breadth of content, wireless capabilities and the design of the generic 2nd generation of Amazon Kindle improvements is a clear winner over the 700th Sony Reader.

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