What is Cincinnati Reds the original "red socks"?

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Do you know that the original team of Cincinnati Reds socks was called? The fully professional team started in 1863 and was considered a professional team in 1868. The Red Socks won 125 consecutive games before Brooklyn Atlantics defeat them recognized. Key players at the time were Asa Brainard, Fred Waterman and George Wright.

Red Medias was a real force taking into account what happened 21 to win more games in 1870 and in 1869, lost only one game. If you're curious, the Boston Red socks, who was lovingly known as "Beaneaters" known was the Braves Atlanta.

Although Cincinnati Reds Harvest a good start, after the loss of many major players has begun the revised staff was, unfortunately, the 1876 founding member of the National Coalition, expelled in 1880 by fans of beer for toys for service and rental stadium on Sunday.

A new group with the same name in 1882, the American Union joined by the Cincinnati Reds we know today, the same privilege that in 1889 began in 1882, Cincinnati Reds socks and cheaters left Brooklyn with the American Union and joined the National League . In this process, the "socks" were removed from the name franchise.

In 1912, Red opened Redland Field, which was renamed Crosley Field later. Although the red already played in front of the site 28 years ago, they were playing in wooden constructions. In 1931, he had died repairs required after the Red Sox scandal due to the global financial crisis and the Crosley field.

Crosley brothers, Powel and Lewis, bought the red in 1933, and during the rest of the 1930s that ran the red is no sooner to host the first game of the night and become National League champions in 1939. Thus, 1940 won a world championship game against Detroit Tigers.

Later, a compromise was reached, allowing players the red shoes they could use, but not with the footwear manufacturer's logos.

Today, the Red Caps, all red with white C scissors, are described in Black. T-shirts without sleeves have been replaced by traditional shirts.

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