What is Features and Benefits of the Nintendo DS Lite?

the Nintendo DS Lite?

What is Features and Benefits of the Nintendo DS Lite? ~ Do not let the Nintendo DS Lite go crazy for you. Since 2006, the Nintendo DS Lite and its big brother, the Nintendo DS has started, broke the sales records that would jealousy their main competitors Sony and Microsoft. In fact, 3 million units rolled the shelves in December 2008 to a record prior to Sony PlayStation's ownership 2.

The Nintendo DS Lite is so popular that many people ask for a unit and shout for the best price they can afford to buy. So while the parents travel the whole city shopping, the kids will be happy to play your Nintendo DS Lite.

The Nintendo DS Lite is made, unlike other game unit, and has a design that doubles in its hand. The screens are touch-sensitive, which creates a different game experience as opposed to any other portable gaming console. The brightness of the screens can be adjusted to save energy or to enable the game in different light conditions.

Another distinctive feature of the Nintendo DS is the ability to play games with your friends using the built-in WiFi technology without wire. While his friend also has a Nintendo DS, you can play against each other, even if they live in the world. The Nintendo DS also has a separate slot for the Game Boy Advance games. The Nintendo DS Lite is also much smaller and more compact than the original Nintendo DS.

The pen that comes with the Nintendo DS Lite is longer and thicker than the previous version of the Nintendo DS. The battery will charge for about 19 hours and charge LED lights if you need to connect the charger.

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