What Some Basic Computer Definitions?

Some Basic Computer

Technology has evolved over the years. At that time, computers were very expensive (from a humble background).

It could only start with a second-hand x386 computer and all because you need a computer for school work.

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Over time, hope to provide extensive information.


The CPU via Faskleo.com

A support for the central processing unit. Run the brain behind the computer responsible for complex computer program instructions. Its speed ratings are measured in gigahertz (GHz) - the largest, better and faster. Intel and AMD make the biggest players in the CPU manufacturer market.

Memory RAM

Memory RAM Fen.wikipedia.org

RAM means random access memory, often abbreviation of memory. RAM serves as a caching of data when applications have started (eg Microsoft Word, Excel, Winamp, etc.).

The amount of memory a computer starts varies depending on the number of requests and / or the intense level of storage applications. Lose all data stored in RAM when the computer is off - note at one point.

Hard drive

Hard drive Fen.wikipedia.org

Unlike RAM, which remains stored on the hard drive when the computer is off and can be accessed when the computer is turned on. The structure of a hard drive limits access to high-speed extreme data, unlike RAM, but allows storage.

Size names are in GB (gigabytes) or TB (terabytes 1000 times per gigabyte) measured in recent technological advances. Some famous Western Digital hard drives (West D for short), Seagate, Maxtor and take Samsung recently.


Motherboard via Fen.wikipedia.org

Some people call it a small MOBO. MOBO is actually a circuit board, connect the necessary components to a computer, making it easier for them to "work together." The mobos manufacturers ASUS, Gigabyte and MSI.

Audio, graphics and network

Audio, graphics and network www.howtogeek.com

Behind were the days when a separate device is required to be produced by a computer sound and graphics. So omitei the word "letter" of the title.

Recent MOBO audio, graphics, and network features take charge of the card itself. One point to note - most MOBO graphics devices sipohon a portion of the RAM capacity.

USB ports

USB ports www.instructables.com

USB means Universal Serial Bus. Today, the unit operates in the hearts of many peripheral computers (printers, external storage units, MP3 players, cameras and many more) manufacturers.

A computer is usually provided with 6-8 this port. If it is necessary to extend to a USB hub. It comes with USB 1.1 speed (older technology) or 2.0.The previous article deals with some basic computer definitions.


Chassis via gadgets360.com

The chassis is actually the shell of a computer that does nothing in the rule, but acts as a cover for the other components (MOBO, CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc.) inside.

Chassis values ​​are a variety of factors that make up the design, the manufacturer and the form factor (Full Tower, Mini Tower, Small Form etc). My personal favorite is the Cooler Master chassis manufacturer.

Video card

Video card via www.lifewire.com

Contains more graphic MOBO maker as part of their package to consumers. For graphic designers and hardcore gamers, these embedded graphics are likely to serve no good. A graphic add-on card may solve your problem.

Most graphics cards have devoted internal memory so that the RAM on the CPU should not work as hard as its memory. Speed ​​is measured in MB. Use the current graphics cards with the PCI-e slot (PCI Express) in MOBO.

One of the creators of the most popular Nvidia graphics card. A point to be noted, too - from the MOBO graphics you have a separate graphics card.

Sound cards

Sound cards via www.makeuseof.com

With computers doubling home entertainment systems, there is a need for better sound quality. By combining good speakers, sound card, sound quality equivalent to producing some 5.1 systems.

Conventional sound cards occupy the PCI slot (to mention this in my previous post) the MOBO and one of the most famous sound designers is creative.


Speaker www.amazon.in

Use the "speaker" to confuse term with "sound card" to believe that the sound from the sound card comes up. The speakers produce sound when connected to the sound card, and come in various styles of speakers in complex combinations of the seven speakers and a subwoofer. Manufacturers are Creative and Altec Lansing.


Screen via pngimg.com

The screen is not part of the chassis. It will connect to MOBO, either with VGA or DVI ports. Note that most of the internal MOBO graphics come with a standard VGA port.

With the advancement of technology, the screens from the traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) for the current popular LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) have developed.

Determining measurement at visible distance inches diagonal from top left to bottom right. Some manufacturers of Philips, ViewSonic, BenQ, Samsung.

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