What to do with Live Lobsters?

What to do with Live Lobsters? ~ You can buy live lobster to be a difficult task, but after reading this guide, you will see how easy it is!

Buy live lobsters

Most of you saw lobster tanks at your local grocery store or meat market, but do you know what to watch when you buy one? The most common type of lobster that can be found is Maine Lobster. Adjust the fishermen who are allowed to hold the lobster. To search for a very active lobster. If you hold the lobster, press the body. If the shell feels uncomfortable and does not give long, you have kept a hard shell (lobster that is several months after the last changes). It seems soft or should be something that you have a soft shell (lobster that is new changes). If you are not sure, ask the fish dealer and be able to tell you. If you do not live on the street where you can buy your lobster, you might want to bring a cooling container to take them home.

Storage of live lobsters

If you come home with lobster hardshell, they can survive for up to two days without water, if kept properly cooled. If you spend money on a fresh lobster, we recommend buying the same day you want to cook.

Do not worry about running, not moving and out of the water.

Live lobsters cooking

While this site has a lot of baked talk lobster, cooking and cooking are perhaps the two most common cooking methods. Since the lobsters boil alive, you want to lobster treatment painlessly done. The easiest and cleanest way is to put your lobster in the freezer before cooking for about 30 minutes. He is really asleep and does not feel pain when the cooking process begins.

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