What's Best Bowflex Max Trainer VS Treadmill?

Trying to decide between the Bowflex Max coach compared to a runway? Bowflex Max is a new kind of elliptical step, which is now very popular.

But the piece is still the most popular type of exercise equipment in general - and it also offers some clear benefits.

Here's one of the five main differences between the Bowflex Max trainer and a treadmill to help you decide:

# Burn 1 calorie

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Bowflex Max has the advantage here. In studies at the Bowflex laboratory, Professor Max 2.5 times burns more calories than a corridor (or elliptical or staircase).

In fact, experimental users burn in 30 minutes to 600 calories. Compare that you burn in a corridor with about 100 to 200 calories in 30 minutes (depending on the slope, speed, etc.) and it is a difference.

# 2 Impact

Again, Coach Max is doing well here. Treadmills (especially when used for operation) have a great effect. Shed the power of the audience in the belt, you can stretch the hips, knees, back and ankles.

However, Max coach has almost no effect because the feet of the pedals do not leave. Up to 200% more efficient than training in Max In fact, according to the manufacturer, produced in a corridor.

So if you are more prone to injuries or extracts, Max is a good choice.

# 3 Entertainment options / tracking

This is a tie - maybe with a carpet (depending on the model) with the geringstenen benefits.

While Bowflex Max trainer with many embedded years comes (including the main field of high-intensity 14 minute workout), he tends to provide a runway usually more exercise and entertainment.

For example, you can create iPod-based walkways, find TVs, and even the console browser.

# 4 Easy to use

The corridor has the smallest advantage. Even if you have not exercised and you just start, you can use a treadmill. We go slowly and gradually to begin as it increases the fitness level.

The trainer can also use Max late - but a bit more intense than a simple walking workout is. In addition, the movement takes little time to get used to beginners.

# 5 top of the body

Coach Max wins here - hands down. Using a treadmill, there really is no way to work over your body - unless you buy hand weights and use them as you walk.

Max Trainer has a movable arm bar (similar el. Elbow arm) that will help your arms to work. The test in the lab showed that Bowflex Max's arms are being leased to 80% more body muscles than a traditional elliptical.

So what's the bottom line in Bowflex Max against a runway?

A treadmill can give you a simple workout with fun fun and monitoring options. Then you will see loss results Max Weight Max than in a corridor. Good luck!

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