Where PlayStation 4 are now?

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Where PlayStation 4 are now? ~ PlayStation 4 was released in the US to Norte on November 15, 2013. About two and a half years later, the PlayStation 4 has undergone many changes to the design and general interface. If the console was originally released, a very simple user interface that did not have many capabilities. From the start, we received many new sharing options, more social connectivity, Share, PlayStation Now PlayStation Vue, a new Picture of PlayStation music that now brings Spotify and many other features. What does this mean for Sony as a company? These new additions put the PlayStation brand leading the package into console sales to help their counterparts in the millions of units the Wii U and Xbox One to sell. But what can Sony continue to do this dominance to keep in the console market?

One good way to do this is to push the file on the technology and services offered by PlayStation. New games started daily. The island now features a series of games that includes hundreds of unique experiences for each variety of video playback. A thief slowly, nobodies, Horizon Zero and Dawn Street Fight V. These are the games that are unique to the island for the Sony system: they should be available including Uncharted 4 to name a few games. Games we report that this year more free games for the console are not the amount of foreigners.

PlayStation is constantly innovating and we believe it will continue to do so in the future. Add to help folder, delete a piece of user interface? Can it allow users to change their identity on PlayStation Network? Some rumors indicate that they are increasing PlayStation 4.5, the performance in a better package can create, which could be announced soon. We appreciate the views of our readers and try to have them as part of the conversation. Thanks for reading.

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