Win Used Games are used to provide incentives to discourage awesome pre-games

Can you buy used games? So you are a complete cheapskate and the scum of the gaming industry. If you have the right to sell the products you bought, it does not matter: the sale of used toys affects the gaming industry.

The same game can be bought and sold several times and it can be argued that these markets are possible sale, which were stolen by the companies themselves. As always, it is the consumer who decides a game if the price is worth $ 50, and often decide with a prepaid price rather than walking.

Incentives for new markets

Game companies already use a number of methods in the form of downloadable content (DLC) to earn extra money after releasing their games and now there are incentives for buying new ones. The pre-order bonus now appears with many games to be popular, including additional DLC codes or special bonuses.

Exclusive DLC bonuses and pre-ordering: Players are not new to the idea of ​​panel bonuses and other similar issues they have received, but lately we have many extra gifts seen in new games or as part of the pre-ordering title. Most of the DLC of the game, such as new weapons and armor, new maps and many other cosmetic add-ons that are not really much in the game. In some cases, the DLC offered is rather extensive. Some games offer shipments or shipments, and it looks more like a bonus, "Thank you." BioWare took a DLC delivery service to Mass Effect 2 and Dragon Age 2. This service player can download a range of free items in addition to paid DLC For access. Yikes.

Only 800 points of Microsoft ($ 10), a new completely new game has been released, the original opponents of the game. Go online: now seems to be an interesting / worrying trend in the latest games, delete as appropriate. This Online Pass is a unique code to access Internet multiplayer functionality available in their games. This means that you are online hindered by the game if you do not buy the new game and have a password, or spend $ 10 on buying this pass if you are unlucky, used game to buy.

Sony will follow the same trend by offering a $ 10 for Used Player and this initiative will begin with the launch of Third Party Resistance

Although online tickets are a good way to lose potential sales to generate profits but it is also very worrying and second hand punishing players effectively eliminating a piece of the player's content. In some cases, the online part of the game is much larger than the way a mandatory story and if you are already paying for services like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, it just adds an extra charge.

Un-Reset Game Saves: Well, these "motives" actually get the cake. The latest title Resident Evil Mercenaries Capcom for 3DS, players can delete your data can not be saved. This means that the game will not start from scratch and seems to be a direct attack on used games. Nintendo Club: Nintendo offers some of the most exciting incentives for new markets. Each new game comes with a card that can be redeemed for points within the services of the "Nintendo Club". Here, players can pass their opinions on a variety of Nintendo products of clothing posters. Imagine if you could forgive Microsoft points to spend on XBLA games? Love real reward as an incentive to see, not some shielding of poor quality in the game.

Casual and digital games: There is a reason why games can be digital as they have become so popular in XBLA and PSN and mobile games downloaded. They offer a great gaming experience for a great price. From the sale of small retro games All these services have to test themselves the years they are grown with full-rights games that cry a lot of games at full enough price that is great. Continue mobile and indie games and developers have already been growing a lot of games that smaller games are an alternative to big-budget titles. This does not mean we will see the end of the triple-A games, but to appreciate the value of these games again.We live in times of tightness, and sell some items for $ 60 for many, is a case buy low or lose. Some games are not honestly worth $ 50 and are reduced to half the price in a matter of weeks. The used toys games are popular because they are cheaper. Although it seems that the stores some games used advantage of the popularity of the games received to maximize your profits, especially since their pre-owned choice seems quite expensive, pre-owned items are also the rescue board of the small independent retailers fight Bigger chain of stores, We all know that the election offers the best possible for customers, selling new and used games.

Perhaps the game industry needs to rethink its ill-tempered motives and looking at the reasons why gamblers prefer a range of second-hand buyers to earn money for a glowing new copy. Industry should also avoid the idea that second-hand players are the enemy.

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