A Brief History Of Twix And Snickers Chocolates

Twix And Snickers Chocolates Reviews

Twix and Snickers chocolates are so famous in the world. TWIX a butter biscuit with a thick layer is covered with candy and covers the entire bar and milk chocolate milk during Chocolate Snickers with peanut butter and candy with milk chocolate covered cover.

Twix was produced in 1967 by Mars Limited in the United Kingdom, while Snickers was a product of Private Corporation - Mars, Incorporated, based in the US, which is also one of the world's largest food and pastry producers.

Snickers Chocolates
The Twix chocolates in 1979 in the US, wrapped in a golden orange jacket, were available and declared as Twix cookie bars. This mark allows creators - Ethel Mars and Frank to expand and improve new recipes for chocolate bars.

A period of continued sales by Twix until the early 1980s suggested that Mars, Inc. There was very little change in the Snickers mark in the first 40 years of production, except in 1968, he was inspired as Mars Mini Snickers chocolates in bags of a dozen with "fun size" sold products.

The Snickers brand has sparked controversy in recent years with ads perceived as homophobic, to see if the two engineers who share a Snickers and accidentally kiss the average distance.

The last major Twix brand dispute related was in 2007 when Mars, Inc. Began in Europe's serum on its chocolate bar with the animals to replace Quark. For vegetarians in mass protests and negative publicity, Mars Caramel was loyal earlier because it was vegetarian.

The Twix chips froze in the Twix Ice Bar area redesigned to compete on its way to cool crates from the supermarket and ice shops. Snickers presented their branded Snickers Ice Cream Bar products.

Chocolate Twix and Snickers had raised a product hit further during its history and sales and have become popular brands of their makers.

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