A Short Guide to Video Storage and CCTV Footage

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And now? Do you have a CCTV in your home and office with all installed accessories. If you have video in your hands, you will not have room for when they have accumulated. And accumulate in due course!


In a world where every Tom, Dick and Harry have some kind of video device, from mobile phones to surveillance camera video camera with CCTV, video image storage is a big concern. Often it's about:

* Physical storage of tapes and disks
* Memory Space
* Video Separation - What to keep, what to throw?
* Legal restrictions

If you think about it, the majority of CCTV will not matter that your family and your office are pictures, especially if the video recording is the common variety. If you have not yet ruled them is a constant chorus.

Keep it, keep it

Your office can implement the policy on the CCTV image memory, you can easily implement it in your home. Most offices and stores to keep security videos are based on:

* Amount of days
* Number of activities
* Assessment of staff safety
* The available storage capacity
* Litigation

In the latter case, CCTV videos are held indefinitely to restore any evidence relating to criminal activities. Often, the investigative authorities hold these videos so that they investigate additional and additional evidence, and present in court as permissible as such. In fact, many criminals have been captured and are based on surveillance camera video evidence processed!

Remember, if you opened the garage and went through a drunk anger?

Storage facilities

In a world where the options abound, you can store your CCTV material:

* Hard disks
* Compact Discs
* Video tape

Of course, disk space is better because you can compress data to allow more bit and byte input. But CDs and cassette tapes are also acceptable, if a bit bulky and risky - they can be stolen and it's your proof.

The quality of the images depends on many factors, such as the compression ratio and image size, the friendly video recorder vendors tell you more about you.

Ultimately, saving and keeping your video recordings just as important, if not more important, how to keep the surveillance cameras in a very good condition.

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