Android Wear 2.0 to Develop new in Android Wear

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The operating system is optimized for hands-free operations. We bring new features to Android 2.0 to develop Android Wear applications.

A new application launcher

The initiator application suitable for the shape of the round screen renewed and seems disorganized. The interaction device is easy to use for making new changes in the application launcher. Press the button side displays applications in an arc and a new drawer action at the bottom of the screen offer special promotions like related to the on the smartphone.

Access notification

The new update will disable the interface, especially for the spherical surface with well-placed cards. If the user lifts to activate the clock around her, the message card will be considered before it is hidden. Above the low response, the user can usually view. The cards themselves were renewed and supplemented with white text on a black background and dark text on a white background. The two options are offered as a sliding energy saving and reduction of brilliant notification penetration.

More about Fitness

Android is always friendly and with new smart watches Google to explore new opportunities in fitness applications. The new update will help integrate Google Fit and has a new feature that automatically detects activities. The user can open the relevant applications to run, walk or cycle and activities that open the corresponding application. Music applications can be accessed directly from the home screen without turning on the device. Google Fit app can now automatically detect activity and record. Sharing data between devices and applications will be evaluated.

Message options

Messaging is a limited activity in the small screen now and with the new keyboard and voice messaging options, it is likely to improve version 2.0. A small keyboard can be slid on the screen to write messages and handwriting recognition allows the user or add meaningful words to the newsletter. When you play the message, the user can respond to options to access the message.

Supports handwriting recognition and Swype style entries with traditional types of option. Users can dictate their answers, although the preview version only allows short messages to work properly. You can save the answers to wear, showing three contextually relevant answers. This is a smart integration of Gmail intelligent answers.

The new release is expected to be released in the fourth quarter of this year and is developing new applications Android nougat and integrating into new devices.

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