Apply Electronic Drum Accessories

If you have an electronic drum, the next thing you want to do is buy the right accessories and additional equipment.


Headphones Electronic Drum

A very important part of that one wants to have one-set battery is a good headphone. One of the best features of the battery they play without too much noise and disturbance in your neighbors or housewives. However, if you are quiet and still hearing what you play, you need to connect a headset.

The three things to consider when buying headphones are comfortable and light, accurate reproduction of music and isolation. You want them to completely surround the ear, much better than the nature of the blocking of outside sound that fits directly into your ear. To consider some good brands are Alesis, Fender, Audix, Roland, AKG and ION.


Amplifier Electronic Drum

Headphone is great for playing alone in a busy environment, but to get a real feel for the way the battery sounds, you want to get a good amplifier. You also need an amplifier if you plan to play in a band and on stage. The amplifier must be made specifically for electronic drums. He has the sound of high, medium and low to play, giving you an accurate view of music. Take a look at some of the smaller and compact amplifier and monitoring systems for brands like Roland and Simmons.


Cases Electronic Drum

If you are moving to the battery, you need some good battery holder. Chances are high on your electric drums too much money, so spend a little more to make sure they are well protected is a good idea. All movements can be refused around the drums when they are not protected on a good case.

By purchasing your case, it's a good idea to have a few different ones, so you can keep any secure component. You have the choice of soft or hard cases. Mild cases are good for people with little space you do not intend to visit. You can also search for a mobile box to take back strain to help and move the arms of the kit.

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