Are AR Drone Games the best among the rest?

AR Drone Games the best among the rest via

AR Drone helicopter by Parrot is one of the most amazing vehicles with remote control. This helicopter is equipped with various accessories, parts and other games. The Drone helicopter uses the Apple iPod touch and the Apple iPhone to operate the device. Extend the reality games at your disposal if you buy the AR Drone helicopter. The augmented reality games are game graphics that integrate real and virtual reality environments. The games are both players and multiple players. While most of the games in Drone games for single player, multiplayer games with friends and family can be enjoyed. Multiplayer games using the Linux operating system. As a result of being developed on Linux, most games in Drone helicopter must be very powerful and graphically attractive. The expectation is that the drone beautifully executed games and make for a long time be released a promise, one of the most interesting games of the audience.

The main drone game is a multiplayer game that combines two people with each other in the air. Cameras and other integrated software for AR Drone game, players can play the game in a friendly game. The two players involved are forced to fight for superiority to win the game. How AR Drone Games at this stage are new, only a few games available, but over time there will be more games. The single player games such as AR Drone Robot, Drone War and Duel are available with the purchase AR Drone helicopter. In the robot, the player will have to fight a threatening robot with weapons, missiles and special tactics. Duel plays, can choose a person to play with a friend. The player must fight and win another driver. Drone Wars is all about the scalp head.

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