Bowflex PR1000 Of The All-In-One Home Fitness Machine

Produced by the company Nautilus, Bowflex PR1000 Home Gym which is sold as a weight training machine All-in-One. Introduced in 2008, the system received since positive and negative reviews.

Resources Bowflex PR1000:

According to the manufacturer, the Bowflex PR1000 combines the benefits of strength training with a number of cardiovascular benefits for a good measure. As such, provides a total body training, especially in the arms, shoulders, back and lower body, thanks to more than 30 exercises that can be performed on the machine.

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Some examples of these possible exercises in the PR1000 can help the user make bank prints, shoulder prints and increase pulldowns and push-downs, rows and withdrawals, extensions, and kidnappings. There is also an integrated rowing device that can be folded up when the training is complete, saving space. The drive shaft resistance can only happen 5 pounds to 210 pounds to know what it means for beginners and advanced ones.

As a bonus, the device comes with Work Transparent, describe the correct exercise positions. This is a great way to ensure that the security is exercised when they are Gym Bowflex home. Other striking features include seat rails, multifunctional wrist strap and ankle boiler roll cushion cover.

It currently sells an average of $ 600, excluding shipping. As is the case with online shopping and infomercials, discounts are offered as well as gifts.


The system is one of Nautilus' most popular products, mainly because of the following advantages:

Those with over 30 years of age, offer a full body workout that combines strength training and cardio. Essentially, the gym in a full house! As such, users should have many options to choose from and avoid the boredom of the exercise.

Its dimensions can be the lower space that is reinforced because it can easily be saved and folded.

The design ensures the durability and durability of the application.


The bad part of the Bowflex PR1000 has its drawbacks. Secondly, the home gym can not be updated in the report. And thirdly, the available weight will not be enough for more advanced level.

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