Chocolate Hills Beautiful Attraction, Determine that You should not miss

The Chocolate Hills is located in the picturesque and beautiful surroundings of Bohol area in the Philippines. The conical hills completely covered with a grassy hilly terrain of the Franconian hill and limestone. The height of the mountain ranges from 30 meters to 50 meters with the highest of 120 meters. There are about 1776 in a number of hills. These hills are known as Chocolate Hills, while in the dry season the brown chocolate becomes a bit difficult to understand the name during the times when the hills are green.

chocolate hills

This beautiful place is listed in the Philippine Tourism Authority and marked the place as the third National Geological Monument nation. The area of the Chocolate Hills includes conical karst hills are known Mogote base of the result of the combination of surface water, groundwater and decomposition of limestone by rain. You are further eroding rivers and streams as they rise above sea level. The most famous and most important prominent attractions are Alona Beach, Dumaluan Beach, which is very welcome. Many dolphins watching tours. Alona Beach is one of the most visited beaches and most beautiful of Bohol. It has a beach clean and soft sand, which creates a very beautiful ambience. The beach offers shops and diving centres, providing equipment and instruction.

Another visit to Bohol Beach is the Dumaluan Beach, which is often called the sea jewel. This beach is fully stocked with exciting natural beauty. Alona Beach offers space for whales, dolphins and sharks and offers the opportunity to watch these beautiful waters. You also have the opportunity to spot poet and dolphins in Pamilacan Iceland. You can even touch the human-friendly dolphins. This tour was from whales' hunters and dolphins use their boats for the trip.

During your trip to Bohol, if you plan to stay in the Chocolate Hills region, you must follow the road to the public administration resort. The island of Bohol has some of the best budget hotels and budget funds, such as The Peacock Garden Luxury Resort and Spa, along with the Flower Beach Resort and Alumbung Resort, etc., which offers some of the best quality and enjoyable stay.

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