Device Would Like A Unit Of The AR Drone Parts

All those who are aware of this device would like a unit of the AR Drone. You can also use the items they replace to use the aesthetic design to make it unique for your creative taste.

Basically everything that AR Drone will replace parts. The following are the components that are part of the AR Drone are:

• Body Set + Front Camera - We see this as the most important chasis toy where you will install all other important components. This component contains the front camera and battery holder.

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• Parrot Motherboard + V Vertical Camera - This is probably the most important part of the gadget. This includes the CPU and all electronic components that allow the AR Drone to work. It has Wi-Fi capabilities, a video compressor, a USB port, the stabilizing component and everything else that makes the whole toy cool.

• Navigation Board - The navigation board is what the AR Drone is stable during flight. It contains sensors, ultrasonic tranceivers, accelerometers, gyroscopes and inertial measurement modules.

• Parrot Battery - The battery is a lithium Plymer three-cell battery. It contains battery prevents overload, overflow discharge and short circuit a security circuit module.

• Motor Parrot - This 15 watt motor is specially designed for the AR Drone. For every full speed 28,000 spent converted a lot of time at 3,300 RPM propeller.

• Cross Central Wire - The central structure of the AR Drone made of high-grade plastic PA 66, 4, carbon fiber tubes and engine assembly AP 4 contains two intermediate transverse beams of the sun. A power takes control of the engines and the engines.

• Parrot gears and axles - It is clear that these parts use to connect the motors to the propellers.

• Thrusters rolling - These are special for Dr. AR drone with more efficient and optimized energy consumption. If you buy spare propellers, you will find two sets of two propellers to rotate in the opposite direction.

• Parrot Outdoor Hull - outer shell is made of EPP or Polupropileno, a lightweight but strong material. It is available in different colors and the colors can be captured by the front camera, so if you play multiplayer games it would be easier to identify the other units.

• Parrot Indoor Hull - is a protection for the AR Drone propellers. The colors of the hulls are detected by the camera for the purpose of multiplayer games.

There are accessories that you need, even if this device has. These accessories are crucial for the maintenance and repair of:

• Parrot Charger + power supply + Plugs - Of course, this is for charging batteries and charging Parrot.

• Parrot assembly tool - This kit contains all the tools you need to determine, maintain, and maintain your AR Drone. All items kit are included designed to fit all parts of the device must turn screws, tighten and loosen.

That some about a unit of the AR Drone Parts.

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