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Digital Video Spotlight

As the new owner of the Sony PMW-EX1, Call Box Lives guide for EX1, get a detailed look at the first mass market Sony Cine Alta ? HD camera. For independent filmmakers, this camera has blown up a bit of dust. It is the same technology as compatible with Sony's camera, including 250K F35. With multiple frame rates, full acquisition mode 1920 × 1080 24p and HD-SDI output, Sony has clearly investigated the area of ​​Panasonic in this part of the market and actually by the camera with features that reduce more than price comparison. The enthusiasm remained on the NAB 2008, when Sony announced a new brother of the EX1 EX3 that has announced a number of additional innovations and with interchangeable lenses.

The guide was made by Noah Kadner and operated one of the original drivers in The DVD, with 36 chapters of information, is divided into four parts: Overview, Camera Features, Advanced Camera Features and Post Production.

The overview covers the topics that are of interest to anyone who wants to learn the basics of the camera. This contains information about the recording format XDCAM EX; The output terminal of EX1 HD-SDI, the user's ability to detect media 4: 2: 2 10-bit uncompressed; 1080 vs 720 basics of camera resolution; An introduction to the tapeless workflow; The benefits of a mirrored RAID use EX1 files and audio features of the camera.

In-Camera Operations section gives details about Kadner each of the EX1 menu functions. This includes an overview of the controls; The menus on board; Direct menu mode where you can quickly customize many of the main settings of the LCD monitor or in the camera's viewfinder; An overview of the options time code and playback of media mode in which you can see, mark, share and manage your recordings and start basically editing ideas even before you finish recording. It also includes the TLCS mode, a set of programmable settings by helping the user to semi-automatic features help the camera and save an end by storing the monitors and the camera settings for SxS cards and other devices secure storage.

For the experienced shooter, the Advanced Camera department Operations will be very interested. Here's the program about topics like: Use Exposure Camera and Focus Assist tools for more control over the image; Receive settings and ND filter. Then show that the input and output of personalized profiles create; Shutter speed and the angle of the settings; Settings and multiple white balance works; The transition mode only takes place in the EX1; Number of settings and finally frame rate camera functions slow and fast variables (S & Q) are used. The final part of the DVD refers to the post-production, especially with regard to the processing in Apple's Final Cut Pro. Do not worry, the camera integrates with almost all major NLEs on Mac and PC, including Avid, Adobe Premier and Sony Vegas (of course). Topics include an introduction without shooting the EX1 tape and cutting them into Final Cut Pro, but also in managing SxS cards on workflow. It also gives information about the FCP time bar to mix different camera resolutions in an order; Export options and output information to DVD, to network, Final Cut Studio software to set color colors and prepare for output on a 35mm movie recorder. The phone box guide for EX1 is an instructional DVD informative and entertaining about this powerful new Sony HD camera and Noah Kadner watching experience and easy way to make it fun. The DVD is well organized, easy to navigate and provides detailed instructions about the emerging shooters allowing work creatively and productively.

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