Drone Dji Phantom 3 of the best Drones You Flown

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There are many different drones on the market, but one of the best I tested the DJI Phantom 3 Professional. Suitable for the Video Ultra High Definition 4K, this drone also produces live streaming video to iOS and Android for the pilot exactly what can be seen to see the drone. The truly unique feature of this model is the presence of the vision positioning system that makes a stable and predictable flight when a GPS signal is unavailable. NATURAL WITH GPS reception of these dreams automatically allows landings and start and integrated programming fly zones. An evaluation of the DJI Track 3 not complete without intuitive operation and stability in flight.

The pro

The drone DJI Phantom 3 has a lot. First, to check the support of the mobile device to your phone or tablet, it will contain the device in the first purchase. As announced, this model works fabulous is perfect and offers some spectacular images of 4K UHD. The live broadcast 720p camera for the device was clear and very useful when checking 3-axis camera. In short, this drone delivered a number of really impressive results in the air.

The battery allows for longer flights, and how the video is recorded on a micro SD card, the image processing is a plug. Additionally, a review of DJI Phantom 3 must mention the 12 megapixel pictures, that is to put the device in a position because they need some pretty amazing images.

Like other unmanned vehicles on the market, this device is not a toy. The tool is perfect for higher quality video production and some really awesome shots. It offers all aspects of performance and usage. DJI gave this special Quadcopter.

The verdict

The DJI Phantom 3 is a professional drone who needs series or video production company in the arsenal of any hobbyist. The friendly service mile on many of the cheaper models that many drones pilots learn, and the massive names part of this unit Technical Engineering emphasizes this point.

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