DVR Motion Sensor Weatherproof hidden Spy Camera Review

DVR Motion Sensor Weatherproof hidden Spy Camera Review via

Talk hides the word camera and what you think? Who knows when the camera is turned on? If you talk about hidden, that's exactly what you think. This new hidden camera DVR-proof motion sensor again is just that. A few years ago all installed a focus on the door to see if the car went out of lights, leaving you peace of mind at home and no one was hiding on the porch. When motion is detected, the camera enters the game with the time and date highlighted on the screen, attach everything.

The image quality is superior at an affordable price. 2.0 megapixel camera. The camera is installed by placing the entrance of your house, garage doors, patio where you need to know who is on your property.

It's easier than seeing what's in the video, removing the SD card and connecting to your desktop or the head of the lab for easy viewing. Spotlight DVR hidden cameras with an 8GB SD card, which retain approximately 5 hours of recording. Initially, you can take this card every 2-3 days unless it is associated with any activity. This camera will replace if the card is full, you can, what a 32 GB card upgrade if you have your own business or a high traffic area.

This camera is available in large and small focus. Safe and safe in your home is no longer a luxury for the rich and celebrities. Every owner must feel safe at your home, without any future costs.

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