Effects Acne Vulgaris Review

Acne vulgaris was considered a skin problem caused by a separate combination of oil of sebaceous glands and dead skin cells on the skin. It has many names, such as pimples, spots, pimples, acne or pimples.

In cases of common acne mainly fake areas are the face, upper throat, chest, back and shoulders. In rare cases, acne causes cysts. Acne vulgaris, is considered the severe case of acne problem.

The mild form of acne is mild red pimples. In a conventional way, people experience mild acne problems. With few people a serious case of acne can only happen.

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To clean the skin properly, the main remedy to stop acne. Scrubbing and scrubbing will aggravate the problem of lead acne. There are many side effects of common acne.

Acne vulgaris has led to psychiatric and psychological complications such as:

  • Prevalence of teenagers

  • Person sharing

  • Misconceptions about the reasoning

  • The social emphasis on "emergence"

  • There are some psychological complications of common acne like


The most common problem that people's skin problems usually resist. Acne Vulgaries also causes depression among people affected by acne. Depression can lead to serious mental health problems. It has been investigated that people with acne problem were non-social people.

Social phobia

Human acne opposed often develops a social phobia. Social phobia involves the fear of meeting people, making social contacts to avoid the parties. Anxiety disorders: people with acne problems sometimes anxiety disorder problem. In such a problem, it grew to affect a trend of acne problems.

The image of self and self-esteem with damage

Acne, too, a person that affect the personality.

Tend to social dysfunction

People who suffer from the problem of common acne usually limit themselves to any social contact. Increased sense that people around should be avoided due to the skin problem. This problem is usually encountered by young people.

Decreasing the quality of life

The quality of life that will usually be able to live with these skin problems. As the people of depression, social phobia, anxiety disorders, self-image and self-esteem deteriorate, social dysfunction and so began to suffer the quality of life concept began to automatically lose.

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