Google can help lose Your Smartphone?

Google can help lose Your Smartphone via

Google Inc. Has easily come installed with a search function. With this feature, users have to type the "Find My Phone" command to know the approximate location of the device. After receiving the new search function, this command displays the result and shows the position as the closest spot on the screen. The user must ensure that the latest version of the Google Android app is installed. In addition, you need to enable the Google Android Manager tracking service.

Phone search function is missing

Moving the phone or leaving it inside your home does not require panic. Users must enter the command to know Find My Phone "on a feature of the search engine to approach the device location only. The company said this feature in a blog post. The only conception is that the new search feature will only work with Android phones. The function also helps to block the user's data and delete if he or she feels that their device is missing. The function makes this work remotely. No need to report to the customer service center, the stolen device to lock.

How does it work?

Normally, Android Device Manager, the user can touch the device everywhere. Users can use this feature to find a lost device. Touch selection should be retained. This period is long enough to easily help people, the lost phone. To use this feature, users must install the latest version of the Google app for your registered device. Touch functionality works well to find the location of the monitor. If there is no response, users alert mode to decide if the device remotely locks. After the reaction, remove the remote components and lock the device.

Google came out with a new search engine feature that will hit the phone is missing. This feature is available to find the device in conjunction with location services from the company.

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