How Responsible can Recycle Computer Recycling Electronic Recycling Company?

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Was not broadcast so long ago, "60 Minutes" on CBS a story about the electric and global dump. Reporters followed a track of electronic products for companies in Hong Kong, China Denver-based recycling and took over the company's "recycling" in the law, but the worldwide waste of electronic waste is involved.

With more than 80% recycled electronics and computers, which are electronic high-tech waste in developing countries such as China, India and Africa, we must be responsible for intensifying the citizens of the world and the careful selection of companies recycling computers And electronics. We must only support end-of-life electronic recycling companies to end social and environmental operations. In order to understand how global dumping takes place, it helps to understand the business recycling business model first.

In order to maintain as a company, electronic recyclers must have sufficient revenue from all its recycling services and the reuse and recovery of precious metals and other recycled materials, lower operating costs and the cost of these non-value production items ( Even harmful to the environment), The difference between a sustainable and irresponsible recycling computer and electronics companies can be divided as follows: generating a) as the reuse income; as for precious metal and recycling materials; which manages the manufacturing process of low value toxic elements.

Consider the precious metal recovery process. A responsible company should invest in a safe working environment with the appropriate protective equipment for employees and appropriate methods of waste management to prevent pollution. Electronics recycling companies also work responsibly to protect against harmful substances or dust that escapes during the manufacturing process specialized factories where the workers.

Irresponsible recycling company avoids any investment in mismatch. In fact, recycling companies never irresponsible eyes on employees, who ultimately break the surplus electronic parts. Global dumping: electronics recycling cargo said much harder than the alternative used widely In short, for the operation of the cost of careful investment makes industrial production.

With the highest recovery rates of irresponsible global Dumper offered, many so-called recycling collectors send their materials irresponsible recyclers, which in turn "sell" the burden of exporters recycling. Some hands shake after and electric load reached the ports of the poorest countries in the global village. Since US waste electronic waste in other countries, most of the electronic waste cargo will be sent under the name of "used equipment", while in fact the most recycled electronic waste is too old or prohibited because there is some value from Reuse.To identify a responsible recycling company, you must first identify the signs that a recycling company in the world is dumping.

Irresponsible recycling companies:

Avoid informing the public about the e-waste crisis, on the company's website or the business marketing collateral. Recycle Irresponsible Electronics does not make it easy for consumer issues.

Disregard details of how to monitor the recycling process and avoid managing global dumping. Here too, the less the consumer knows hired, the easier it is for irresponsible electronics recyclers in a certain form of global dumping Greenwash events without significant profit organizations that do not get the right recycling process. By the electronic recycling process, to disarm easily and hidden under the moneys of funding for schools, Chambers of Commerce, Police to increase Association alloys and other nonprofit organizations, these electronic recyclers, "donate" the audience of their unwanted electronics In case "fundraising". The electronics recycler participate in a collector to calculate greenwashing funds but generating enough money to donate to the nonprofit organization and can still afford the high cost of desproporcionar toxic elements pricing recycling. The truth is that these "recycling" to fundraising items that can be obtained by spending the money and then spending the rest in developing countries. The lack of a fixed address for your electronics recycling facility that makes available or exploits a competent authority as a recycler. Search to explain to an electronics recycler business participation in addressing the global crisis of electronic waste.

Use recyclers of computers and electronics to actively involve the public on the electronic waste and recycling socially responsible and desproporcionar crisis.
Make sure your electronic recycling company is able to demonstrate its full process of data in the reuse evaluation, the entire manufacturing process for preparation and monitoring is monitored.

Support of electronics recyclers, the only production advantage of in the United States that has the right licenses, machines and manufacturing processes and safety and health monitoring system for its employees.
Use recyclers of computers and electronics that can generate sufficient revenue from services to allocate sufficient budget for responsible processing of toxic substances.

Select an electronics recycler that is well respected by environmentalists dealing with the electronic waste crisis.

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