How to choose the right Running Shoes for You that fits well?

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Every runner has the perfect running shoe that fits well and works well for them. The specific characteristics of the shoe must match the individual needs of an agent. Endurance, Strength or Speed ​​- - In addition, any type of training has that runners who suffer from their body and their running shoes. With the broad trends in current race technology, it can sometimes be confusing and even intimidating when choosing your new pair in a shoe store. How do you choose what is best for you and your education if there are different categories, types of shoes and shapes within neutral Default, Stability and Motion Control?

The design and technology of the shoes differ depending on the brand and type. As a general rule, run to the shoes, here are short definitions for the three main categories and some tips when buying your new pair:


The shoes in the neutral category, however, are usually designed with a swing arm and a soft middle sole. These are the best types of shoes, if it tends to land on the outside of the foot. You can determine where you end your feet, the soles of your old shoes checked - if the outside of the sole is exhausted, you tend to land more to the outside of his feet. This can also be the best match for people with a high arch foot. Make sure the bow of the shoes you intend has sufficient support or hard to buy especially if you have a high arch foot. These types of footwear support on the arch of the foot above the ankle or knee. It may be that these kind of running shoes usually have a bent sole.


The shoes are designed under the category of stability at the feet control when you turn your heel, balance and support the legs of the feet. These types of running shoes provide extra cushioning and excellent stability around your feet as you walk. These shoes are for runners who run the country on the outside of the heel and slightly turn the foot in (pronated) to rotate.


The soles of the shoes in the motion control category usually run straight or flat. Some projects have slightly bent soles, but the main purpose of this running shoe is to hold the heel firmly and minimize pronation rate as you walk. These shoes usually have a broader country base for the heel and a strong, rigid heel hood. These are good for runners who have flat feet or low arches. Runners who have a tendency and pronounced knees pronate when performing can benefit from this form of running shoes more. Look at the old pairs of soles - when worn seeds in the middle, then this category is for you.

To select shoes run?

Here are some tips to buy your running shoes:

1. Go to the store and run. Spend your time with the chosen pair before you buy it. Test running shoes in the store. A number of well-run shops even have mats to run for you!

2. Throw your old couple - not yet. Bring your old pair of shoes to the store where you buy your new shoes. If the place where you want to buy a new running shoe is a shoe in particular, they can tell employees who know about shoes and can analyze the pattern of wear of your old shoes. If the contest has the shop equipment for mouth examination, you can analyze your corridor, even if you already know your foot or bow types of foot. One of the main reasons we need to wear shoes is the comfort. Your feet must be comfortable enough while running on your new shoes or running. Cause pressure spots or loose shoes usually blister.

3. Perfect for your feet. If you loose your running shoes and slide your feet into your shoes, lose your energy in each slide as you walk. It is sure to change the running shoes of the bonds within a store.

4. The running shoes are something special. They are specially designed for forward movement (that is, walking ahead), heel and support of the footbow. If you have time to look at the soles of different types of shoes, you can see that their horizontal line pattern is unique. If you want to use running shoes for sports and physical activity, they will wear faster and you can risk the same injury. The crosstrainers are designed for more lateral support (lateral movement, etc.) and foot flexibility. Buying another pair as a cross-trainer for other activities is a good investment because their running shoes will take longer and reduce the risk of injury.

If there's a new pair to buy?

You can ask yourself, "If I buy a new pair?" Normally the upper or the body of your running shoes seems to be still in good shape, but the damping and motion control are already lost.

Check your soles if they worn out.

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