How to make Your Ozark Walking Stick?

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Besides collectibles and beautiful decorations, bats have many other useful applications and have been used for centuries. Walking sticks help to keep such steep slopes of the user to balance on uneven terrain. Walks, in proper use, also to prevent traps and help reduce trauma and stress on your body. You can also use sticks to mark your way as to support stable cameras and other serious and stable elements, in addition to walking, passing slots and ruined land.

Some shops sell carpentry toothpicks ready, but to find the satisfaction of my own clubs in nature. More things to consider when trying to find the perfect stick: size, type of wood and steel length.


"To 2" reaches the best 1 1/2 diameter sticks, and the size is determined by the weight being applied to the rod.


The wood type will determine how hard, sturdy, will the bar. Some big wood for craft sticks are: Aspen Poplar Dogwood Sweetgum Maple Cherry.

Handlebar length

Bitten required length is determined by the knowledge of how each user. The distance of the user by hand on the floor while the arm is bent at an angle of 90 degrees to the body. The measure is where your hand holds the rod. If you want, remove the peel, decide if it is to be removed or rounded after the stick drying process. The shell was removed too early. Here are some forests that respond well to the immediate removal of the bark maple, poplar, NateSean, Dogwood, Cherry.

There are some tools that are very useful at any point of the tube method in removing the shell wherever you are.


A a direct drawknife knife between two loops used by the knife by pulling the wood in the direction. This process results in a bark to be shredded.

Carpet knife

A type of knife uses curtains and upholstery industry which has a heavy solid blade.

Electrical tools

A Dremel tool and an electric grinder are useful for removing some areas of bark and leaving others in the cap. The abrasive power helps clean junction and other difficult areas of the natural event. When you go to the drying process, it is important to take steps to protect the stick from drying out too quickly, resulting in tears and gaps. The moisture makes the wood together during drying and wood fibers, causing separations. To prevent the wood from drying out too quickly, you can:

Seal the edges

Reducing the stick ends the bar sealant will not escape moisture very quickly.

Turn bats

The walking sticks are split, but also flexionarão will bend during drying. Sticks on a plate with straps will help you to move and roll the shape of bars. Another way to protect the rods is to group on sticks groups, but be careful to keep the air flowing around the rods to prevent mold and mildew. Posted in a cool dry place prefer to direct sunlight. As soon as the stick finishes the drying process, it's time to decorate the palavanca Some reed decorations ideas are: feathers, tempo counters beads, leather, burned wood designs.

If you are satisfied with the appearance of the new bat, you will need to complete the finish. This process is where you decide how to protect the stick. When the adhesive layer with polyurethane, the wood is sealed and further increase moisture and moisture. A final addition that protects the end of the stick and some slip resistance a chair foot rubber cap.

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