Prepare a damaged Car with Auto Wrecker

Prepare a damaged Car with Auto Wrecker via

The function of a car tow truck is to dismantle an old or damaged car. The used parts are removed from this car and the rest of the metal body is sold as scrap. So we see a bus where a car of recycling.

Recycling is a complex process, as it involves the recycling of functional parts, the removal of hazardous substances, etc.

1. Remove wheels, tires, battery and catalytic converter.

2. Removal of liquids such as coolant, hydraulic transmission oil, coolant, air conditioning, gasoline, etc.

3. Components such as electronic components, generators, starters and the like are sold in the stand state for users when the condition is good.

4. Hazardous substances such as mercury and sodium are removed.

5. grind All parts and products with the remaining housing of the vehicle after removal in a cube or flat piece.

6. Then shipped to a shredder when reduced.

7. sold After removal of glass, plastic, rubber, metal mass steel mills for recycling.

Some auto parts that are widely recycled are:

• Auto liquid

Auto parts stores and dealers accept old liquids for recycling.

• Batteries

They can be sold for installation in which the new battery is purchased.

• Wheels and tires

Tires are divided into a variety of products and refurbished.

• Plastic parts

Parts like dashboards, lights, bumpers, fuel tanks melted and transformed into new parts.

• Mercury switches

The older cars have mercury switches. Mercury affects the environment. Therefore, these switches must be removed before breaking the car.

Auto destruction of environmental benefits:

• The steel scrap is recycled, is of high quantity. This reduces the weight of the new means steel production environment is reduced.

• Mercury and other hazardous substances are also recycled. This prevents them from polluting the earth.

• Different pieces are marked and sold on the market. This helps to maintain our natural resources.

Here, most of the components are recycled and reused.

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