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Published for eBook; the only challenge aspiring self-publishers are, there are different e-readers and no standard format in the industry. The good news is that certain players clearly dominated the industry sales and distribution of electronic books, the choice of e-book format to be used, are initially only for self-publishers.

To stay E-Books here

In recent years there has been a significant change in the world of publishing books, because e-books are an important factor. In fact, the rise of portable electronic readers and their wide acceptance by the readers of the books has begun to head the entire publishing house. Suddenly, the term "e-books" became a concept! According to the latest statistics I've seen, make E-books now about 20% to 25% of the total value of all sales of "books" in the world as all security classes and hardcover books are included in the price. Because they are relatively new yet to see where these sales will slide the number of e-books.

Anyone can publish

One of the main consequences of the emergence of ebooks that significantly leveled the playing field in the publishing world. Nowadays, anyone can participate in a script in a word processor such as MS Word, you can use a relatively simple e-book format directly and then book an electronic end sales and marketing website, such as.

So for tens of thousands of people around the world, the long-term entry threshold - the traditional Intermediate publishing house - was removed from the case. This new ability from one side to the traditional publishing house has been very liberating, just like the authors also for people who have not been published but always presented as a writer's individual authors.

This means that not all publishing platforms, marketing and sales of e-books accept all e-book formats. For example, the KDP Kindle e-book platform supports the use of e-books in your DTP custom format formatted.

That would be bad news if Amazon was a player as dominant.

Amazon Kindle - Clear First Choice

This fact makes the decision about the size of their original format of the publishing ebook can be selected. Certainly, if your eBook get maximum exposure, such as the Kindle, the way ahead is at first. Later, if you wish, you can also publish your ebook in some of the other formats.

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