Run Windows and Android on Your Computer at the same time

Run Windows and Android on Your Computer at the same time via

Android users to quickly mistake using their batteries because of the many applications quickly run them on their phones, be it games or social networking applications applications. Well, if you want what-app transfer, Viber, Tango, Angry Birds, Live Scores, FIFA, Chess, Sudoku and many other applications for the computer to save your battery a bit, because these applications carry battery phone and The simultaneous walk, where you have your experience on Android.

You can now have the Android operating system on your computer. There are several software applications that emulate Android on your computer, allowing you to access all your Android applications on your computer. Put them virtually experience your computer in an Android experience. The experience of a person is always better, even if with a laptop, or you have emulated the Android on a much larger screen and this is complemented by the keyboard of her laptop and touchpad for easy operation and full, your laptop can with you To run a desktop computer that can hardly be moved.

Radio stations use these Android emulators to interact as a tool with your listeners. For example, this emulated Android application facilitates radio stations read messages in a 17-inch laptop screen compared to a 10-inch screen and social events, these messages can be projected on large screen projectors with a laptop. For those addicted to Android games, you have the opportunity to play their Android games on a larger screen with the keyboard.

Two popular Android emulator applications and easy to use as you wish to be considered and BlueStacks YouWave. There are many others you can search on the internet using search engines. Download an Android emulator application today and take your Android experience to a new level.

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