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If you read this you are probably a computer. The on-screen usage, which can be seen computer monitor conversation. At present, the monitors all types and sizes come where the LCD screen has the most common form of the monitor. The choice of a person who views the areas in which the monitor is used, and it is also necessary to think of graphics cards to support multiple resolutions, the computer monitors in current society.

This article is written to select computer monitor recording to help you.


There are two different types of computer monitors that have to choose. The CRT and LCD monitor.

The CRT monitor is the standard display screen and it's heavy that many companies today use and work just like a television. The views are screens on the older movies as the first Mission: Impossible, The Matrix and Die Hard. As computers and televisions move to the digital age, you would be wise to choose between the growing LCD screen.

The flat-screen computer monitor or the most well-known LCD monitor is being produced, the type of main monitor today. It provides a sharper image than CRT monitor, generally flat to save space and is easier compared to the CRT model.


Because the computer's LCD screen grows in the industry, CRT models are more difficult to find. A CRT screen varies depending on the screen size. A standard price for a CRT monitor ranges from $ 180-400 $ while the $ 100- $ 2000 range LCD screen. Back on screen size vary.


A CRT monitors sizes of 15 inches - 24 inches typical. LCD monitors range between 15 inches and 30 inches. Work depending on the environment you use during the monitor, it's not always best to buy the biggest screen, and buy, you can just because you can find! In addition to purchasing a larger screen, you need to use separate hardware support for screen resolutions, such as a better graphics card. I tell people in general that if you use the monitor for personal and general use at the office, a no larger screen than 21 inches is sufficient. It's also good to choose whether you want to hear a personal view of a wide screen monitor or a standard monitor.

Keep in mind that a larger monitor can result in more illuminated pixels, leading to higher power consumption.


The computer monitor resolution shows the number of pixels horizontally vertically x. 1920 x 1080 resolution of my monitor has been set up as I have to monitor 24 screen resolution of 1280 x 1024. Accepted for resolutions resolutions by default on monitors of different sizes, see below.

15-inch monitor: 1024 x 768
17-inch monitor: 1280 x 1024
19-inch monitor: 1280 x 1024
21-inch monitor: 1600 x 1200
23-inch monitor: 1920 x 1080
24-inch monitor: 1920 x 1080

The decisions are dependent support a huge 2048 x 1152 on the brand like a 23 "Dell SP2309W!

Refresh rate

The refresh rate of the monitor is basically how many times a second the video card is working on the screen. Suppose you have a monitor that uses a 1 MHz refresh rate. A default refresh rate and acceptable is that your monitor should support 60 MHz while it is recommended that you have a 75MHz refresh rate or more.

Graphical compatibility

Of all the advice and information read over the years, never really aware of the overall performance of a monitor when synced with a graphics card can offer. As mentioned earlier, larger monitors are required to form a better graphics card for all additional pixels, the monitor. When the computer monitors to buy, look at a very decent graphics card and look that can support their needs, even if that means spending another $ 50.

Selecting a computer monitor can be a baffling task. A final point, more opines, monitors of Samsung, Dell monitors and Acer displays are among the best in the business, because they provide great design and excellent results.

In the end, but the computer monitors are important for those who buy and use a computer.

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