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If you are a good owner of an e-book reader (like me), there will be times when you need something new to read, but not necessarily willing to pay for it. Fortunately, there are many sources of free Kindle books on the internet. These are free e-books to your Kindle (or other ebook reader) the top five best places:

1. Best Sellers Amazon

The first one just follows the bestseller page Amazon. There you will find two columns: first with the 100 best paid Kindle books and the second with the free. It's the most important and best source for big books for the Kindle, in order of popularity, so you know what's inflamed with other readers currently popular.

2. Pixel of ink

A website with free books and discounted daily. It currently has a large group of fans and followers selected, but only about "Picks", so it's a visit to a subscription and other sites worth it.

3. Freebooksy

Pure and very popular website with free ebooks. It's worth mentioning, they are usually free gifts (they offer free promotional copies of books that are usually not free).

4. Project Guttenberg

A traditional place with hundreds of classics. You will not be the latest versions, but it's worth a visit because it offers over 40,000 free books, including scientific and technical books.

5. Free books

A promising new website that will provide free Kindle books for readers of electronic books. It promotes Kindle books for free and paid but there is a rule that normally paid books on this website will be submitted, must be doctorate at the time of publication, it is a site that is good your application worth it because it is a May be a source where you can be informed about short term spark deals.

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