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The e-book conversion Kindle is not as simple as before. The Amazon Kindle Fire has added its line of e-readers. Via the Kindle format, it's so complicated to be the e-book conversion. When you publish your e-books in different Kindle e-reader, you will notice that there are different formats of design and appearance. It's these changes in the look of "look" that made the conversion of more zero Kindle ebook. Self-published authors are often plagued by formatting issues when converting their e-books on Kindle. Sometimes the result of the e-book format is so unpredictable, although the hardcover version is beautifully made.

Publication in KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing)

What software to use to produce the best e-book Kindle format? Many self-publishers think otherwise, but people who know the advice against using KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing. You can save your Word document file in an e-book format by the KDP, but the product of the final result is not very satisfying to convert easily.

It is not recommended because the caliber is no longer supported as converting third-party software from the KDP platform.

How to format problems solve problems?

Get more resources, you can solve tips and tricks to fix the formatting issues. 4 Create documents for your ebook:

Is the text in HTML
HTML Index
NCX index
An invention

These are special documents in which a point lost or other cause causes major problems in formatting. Check the Kindle Previewer as the Kindle e-book format results show. If your document is in HTML format, you need to correct and correct errors to correct errors. Do this while seeing the document in Kindle Previewer.

There is no way to create a Kindle document in all e-reader, but here are some manuscripts of tips to improve your e-book conversion:

Word choice that usually leads to errors in the e-book conversion -
The share of single and double quotes

Dashes (or dashes) in a set

The "Search and replace" can easily take care of these errors, but not all. In the future ebook texts, you should be careful as the above options for word. You want to reduce all possible formatting errors. The do-it-eBook conversion is a annoying and time-consuming process, and if you're a beginner, you can only limit your ebook to publish in one or two formats. Take the most practical way to spend your ebook conversion, if you want to make an attractive and truly sellable ebook.

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