The Elegant History of Lacoste T Shirt

Despite its name, the Lacoste polo shirts are actually direct descendants of the "white tennis apparel" original cotton used in the late nineteenth century.

History of Lacoste T Shirt

The shirt style "white shoes" were defined by a long-sleeved long sleeved front, rolled mostly with narrow sleeves. Although this was a very limited choice of shirt noise standards for today's athletes, Tennis White was very informal and more "sport" in its time.

But the master of French tennis, René Lacoste, thought he could improve the old keys style. He felt for a long time that day long-sleeved white tennis clothing was cumbersome and limited movement on the field. He began experimenting with a white shirt, short sleeves, knitted in soft cotton with a design that marked a softer collar and plan and a longer tail in the back.

In the early 1930s, Lacoste founded "Chemise Lacoste logo," a company to produce and sell his new shirt. Design solved many of the problems of traditional "white" shoes, especially the development of long sleeves in the half-game rolls. A softer collar plan can be worn separately or prevent face sunburn on the back of the neck.

Now retired by professional tennis, Lacoste began to focus their attention on their merchandising and sales shirts. Together with his friend and business partner, André Gillier, the "Lacoste shirt" especially for North American retailers on the market. The embroidered crocodile logo on the shirts made it distinctive and helped "burn" Lacoste shirts so unique. The tennis shirt of mass marketing had attracted the unexpected result of other athletes. Player poles, especially began his tennis shirt as an alternative to thick long sleeves traditionally engraved use in the sport used.

Today, you are so likely to find a Lacoste Polo shirt on the golf course and the field tennis court or polo. The way hip-hop began to close a polo shirt for the first time, and now the Lacoste clothing can be seen in rap videos, school play groundes and even nightclubs.

Paradoxically, however, the T-shirt is not passed by tennis players these days, because it began to change at the end of 90 Player of the Polo on t-shirts and the original Lacoste shirt.

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