The PlayStation Move is a Game Controller of the Motion

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The PlayStation Move is a game controller of the motion of Sony Computer Entertainment is for use with the PlayStation 3 game console. Designed to scan in competition with Nintendo's Wii and (formerly Project Natal), the developed PS3 Move Microsoft Xbox Kinect is a wireless Handheld keeps track of motion sensors in combination with the PlayStation®Eye camera, using the position of the players in the space. In addition to the main motion controller, there is also an additional navigation control and a charging station.

Hardware Details PlayStation Move

Move system uses wireless radio communication PS3 Bluetooth 2.0, the traditionally existing Sixaxis and DualShock wireless controller. 3 Both the standard PlayStation Move controller and the PlayStation Move Navigation Controller use internal batteries of lithium ions, which are loaded with a mini-B USB connector built into the controller. The PS3 console and software can support up to four controllers moving simultaneously and a mix of motion and navigation controller is right.

PlayStation Move Controller

The main component of the PlayStation Move motion controller PlayStation Move is a bar controller that is allowed by the user, with PlayStation 3 through the motion and position webcam PlayStation®Eye. To communicate with the ball or the driver's head may contain LEDs that light up in different colors. These colors allow checking and monitoring of the webcam. A linear three-axle acceleration sensor and an angular speed sensor installed the three-axis control system installed to track the rotational and general motion. When the motion control eye loses line contact with the webcam (such as when blocked by other attendees), the internal sensors can quickly and relay information to the console so that the position of the controller can also be determined software.Physical keys control motion control from a main large self-shaped PS key, the standard PlayStation buttons (triangle, circle, cross square), a Select and Start button (left and right respectively) while an analog trigger on the bottom of the device . Other features and connections are USB port, an expansion port and a bracelet attachment point.

The motion control feedback provided comes in the form of vibration, similar to the standard Dual Shock controllers, the ball of light can be used for visual feedback with the color change to match the game scenarios.

All processing paths can be moved for PlayStation performed according to the existing PS3 cell processor.

PlayStation Move Navigation Controller

The navigation control (originally called sub-PlayStation Move), a hand controller is designed to use Wii Nunchuk in conjunction with the motion controller in certain games, such as. Common for use with games where both hands are required PS3 control of the navigation controller replica on the left side of a standard PlayStation controller, and includes a left joystick (with key L3), a D-pad, L1 and L2 trigger, the cross and The circle buttons and the PS key.

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